Traditional Egyptian Foods to Try


Egypt has so many things to offer. Starting from the pyramids to the red sea, it is a country that attracts many tourists because of its sceneries. There is something else that you should consider when visiting Egypt, their food. They have tasty foods. There are several similarities between Mediterranean cuisine and the Egyptians. They love using lots of vegetables and legumes. If you are a vegetarian, you can consider visiting Egypt because you will love it. You can find more on My Paper Writer. Here are some of the Egyptian foods;

Ful Medames

It gets eaten in the morning as their breakfast. It is a traditional food that got eaten with other generations. It has beans, oil, lemon juice, and salt. The beans are soaked at night before they get cooked. They use low heat to prepare the beans in the morning. It gets cooked in a pot called idra by removing the bean case and preparing the meal for a couple of hours. The food gets sold on the streets. The dish can get eaten with either bread or eggs. They have different ways of preparing the meal.


It is an ancient meal from the 1800s. Before, the Italians used pasta. Egyptians have advanced the dish and used tomato and fried onions, and it is a popular dish in Egypt. You can find it in any restaurant in Egypt. Some people sell it on the streets too. You have to say the size you want. You can order for a small, medium, or large size. It is a good meal that is affordable.


It is the same as the Greek gyro. It is prepared by marinating either beef or chicken. It takes hours to get cooked. The meat is put together with onions. If you prefer the chicken, it gets served with Tomoya. The beef goes well with tahini. It is very healthy and cheap.

Macaroni Bechamel

It is their version of lasagna and has a lot of nutrients. Egyptians enjoy it so much. It requires a couple of ingredients for it to get prepared. It is the top pasta in Egypt. You can add a salad to make it tastier


It was a dish that was for celebrations in the ancient days. It could not miss in any event. It is a mixture of meat, bread, rice, and sauce. They prefer using flesh from a lamb. It is easy to prepare for a meal. It is very delicious when served with sauce. If you like vinegar, you can use it too. There are different things to go with the dish.


It is a meal of meat and veggies. They prefer to use lamb, but beef is also acceptable. They add different ingredients to make the food tasty. They season the meat first. Both the vegetables and meat are cooks separately. It takes a maximum of 30 minutes to prepare the food. There are different ways to prepare food.


It is a tasty breakfast. It is mostly eggs and other ingredients. It does not take long to prepare the dish. It takes less than 10 minutes, and breakfast gets served. It gets served when hot. You can eat it with either bread or parsley.