What Are the Benefits of Electric Stoves?


Did you know that an oven can cost you anywhere between $300 to $20,000? Now, industrial quality ovens are not the typical purchase for a residential home, and the average electric stove usually runs closer to the $300 range.

So, whether you’re in the process of remodeling your dream kitchen or simply in the market for a new stove, we’ll go over a few of the benefits associated with electric stoves. Let’s get cooking!

1. Better Performance

Apart from the typically cheaper upfront cost of installation, electric stoves also offer better performance in terms of indoor pollution and consistency in temperature.

An electric stove top heats more efficiently than gas stoves, which means the stable heat allows for a shorter cooking duration and more effective cook times. In addition to that, electric stoves are able to store heat for longer. This is helpful when you want to keep small portions of food warmed up.

2. Easier to Clean

The last thing anyone wants to do after a long day (or night) of cooking is to deal with a messy cooktop. Luckily, electric stoves are much easier to clean than gas ranges.

Having a completely flat surface allows for quick clean-up and no messy food pieces left in nooks and crannies. A traditional electric stove burner does come with coils and drip pans, however, those are easily removable allowing for a quick clean.

3. Safer

Electric stoves are generally considered more safe than their gas counterparts. The heat conducting surfaces on an electric stovetop are less hot to the touch. In addition, electric stoves used in a confined space can be safer.

Gas stoves can hinder air quality as they release chemical compounds into the air when cooking. Gas leaks are never an option in your home when cooking with an electric stove.  In addition, the open flame from a gas stove can pose a safety risk when coming into contact with highly flammable items or materials.

An Alternative

When you look at the gas vs electric choices, it can simply come down to personal preference. One thing to keep in mind is the environmental impact cooking can have.

Electric stovetops do still contribute significant greenhouse gases as electricity in general is powered by burning coal. An alternative option is to utilize propane. Cooking with propane offers a significant advantage in terms of clean energy and a lowered carbon footprint. Apart from also being incredibly energy efficient, propane isn’t toxic and is a byproduct of natural gas processing.

In addition to being a clean option, propane can be a great option if you’re into outdoor adventures. For example, if you’re used to using a portable electric stove when camping, a propane stove can provide you an easier way to cook while outdoors when electricity is not available.

Electric Stoves 101

So whether you’re someone who loves to cook all the time, or you’re just starting out, hopefully the above benefits have made it easier for you to decide on your next stovetop. Electric stoves provide a clean, easy work station for you to cook with love.

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