Funny Cool WhatsApp Status for Boys


Statuses for WhatsApp for boys more often look like cool phrases and aphorisms, which can be recorded as a mind-blowing joke for WhatsApp. You will be able to show yourself the soul of the company, skillfully using sharp phrases and turns. You will cheer up your comrades and colleagues on a dull working day. Even if you got up on the wrong foot or something didn’t happen right in the morning, it doesn’t matter. No need to fall into desperation immediately – try to look at the situation from the other side and just smile at yourself and your interlocutors in WhatsApp.

It is better, of course, when the status of WhatsApp is not only funny but also short. Because hardly anyone will want to read the sparkling bike for ten minutes, and everyone likes to laugh.

Here is some of them:

  • Of course, I am an independent person, but I also like it when someone rubs my back with a washcloth.
    • Hello, I’m Valera! – Very nice! – Oh, it’s not for long.
  • We were born to make money dust!
  • Everyone is mistaken: someone more, and someone all the time.
  • “Wait” is my middle name.
  • With clean socks in the closet, the quality of life improves. There is confidence in the future.
  • Optimism arises from a lack of information.
  • It turned out that I’m not the only one so crazy. I also have the same girlfriend!)
  • The most extended stories usually begin with the secret word “shorter.”

Cool Statuses for Boys on WhatsApp

Cool statuses on WhatsApp written in Russian in a row, so the theme of these aphorisms is so diverse. Here you will find student humor, and folk wisdom, with descriptions of everyday situations that each of us faced. Even school jokes can also bring a lot of pleasure. And the topic of love and gender relations is the most grateful.

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For example, you can take:

  • Everyone around is buying something: who is the apartment, who is the car, who is the yacht. I’ll go and get some bread!
  • I meet depression with a smile. He thinks I’m an idiot and runs away right away.
  • To build something from yourself, you need to stock up on the right materials.
  • Astrologers judge people as products from a store – by the date of manufacture.
  • A person is considered young until the child gives him his outdated phone.
  • I even have negative blood, but I’d better keep silent about my character.
  • Everything went just perfect until I decided to make sure of it.
  • Of course, I’m not a marshmallow, but being in chocolate is not even against it.
  • No shame or conscience. That is, nothing more.
  • Such a strong feeling that I am eighteen. I just can’t prove it!

Funny statuses in WhatsApp for Males

Funny statuses in WhatsApp are universal favorites. Even in difficult times, it is an art and an indicator of a wise and courageous person. It is not dull, either. Feel free to post a joke or a little joke on your profile! You will see – the positive reaction of the whole friends list is guaranteed to you!

We offer the following options:

  • Who covers up their mistakes? An architect with ivy, a cook with mayonnaise, and a doctor with a sheet.
  • Natural stupidity is stronger than artificial intelligence.
  • They say that if you want to live, you need to be able to spin. It seems that I will soon vomit.
  • T9 is an evil assistant in dictation.
  • I am looking for a man without any problems to create them for him.
  • The man said, the man broke the dishes, the man catches things from the window.
  • The only white stripe in my life is toilet paper.
  • Thursday is almost Friday. I think about it every Wednesday.
  • Eating a lot is much more interesting than dieting.
  • Unfortunately, you are finally leaving …

One of the popular options is to put pictures and cool photos with funny captions on WhatsApp status. It is unlikely that someone can pass by and not comment on your message, especially if it, as they say, “made” someone’s day and caused a wave of positive.

Humorous statuses for Boys

The Humorous statuses for WhatsApp are a bomb for your profile. If you are confident in your sense of humor and know that friends will be able to evaluate it – go for it and explode adequately!

You can choose something in the spirit of:

  • Where are your pills for your bad mood? – In the jewelry store!
  • All the chickens have died in our house. It seems that they have eaten money.
  • I want to ask for your daughter’s hand. “No, that won’t do.” Take all.
  • Thank you, internet. Thanks to you, I go to bed very early, early in the morning.
  • I don’t even want to send you anywhere – I look, you are already from there.
  • The arrow of the scales hurts a hundred times harder than the arrow of Cupid.
  • Some lawyers are costly! Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a judge.
  • Why do I need fitness? I smear my feet with petroleum jelly and run on the spot.
  • Depression is when, after watching a movie for adults, you think about the fate of the main characters.
  • Nobody congratulated me on my birthday. It is not surprising, because I do not have it today.

To cheer up friends and colleagues – no need to look for a reason! Cheer them up right now!