Gift Ideas To Give To Colleagues


When a colleague that you have bonded with leaves, it can feel like a hole has formed. Co-workers are the backbones of working life, so when you find out one of the good ones is leaving, it can feel like the world of work, as you know it, is ending.
Naturally, you will probably want to give them a gift to show your appreciation of their time served, which is why this piece has been created to help you choose a leaving present they will love.

Read on for some gift inspiration to ensure you are the colleague they will miss the most.

A New Stationery Set

The lucky kids in school got a new pencil case and a bunch of new pens and pencils for the new year, so why shouldn’t adults? After all, it is the little things that distract us from having to work our lives away. If your colleague is going on to greener pastures, then send them off with everything they need to start afresh. This is a fun and light-hearted gift that no inner child can resist.
Do not forget to add in a power bank, though, so they always have charge to text you during work hours in their new job.

A Hamper

Hampers are one of the most classic gifts you can give, and for a good reason. They are usually filled with goodies that the recipient can enjoy in their own time, and you get bonus points if you have put together the hamper yourself. If you are not able to do this, then do not sweat it! There are plenty of trusted companies that can offer you an excellent hamper that will be sure to impress. If your recipient is a lover of the alcoholic finer things in life, then click here to take a look at some alcohol hampers to find the perfect one!

Flower Pots

If your co-worker was someone who enjoyed having plants on their desk, then a plant pot (with or without a plant) could make a lovely, personalized gift for their next office space or home. If you are feeling creative, you could even decorate the plant pot yourself or have a browse for some novelty styles for a unique gift.

A New Water Bottle

Can you really have too many water bottles in this day and age? It is crucial that workers stay hydrated and keep their consumption of single-use plastic bottles down, and a glass or reusable plastic bottle is one of the ways in which you can do both. Make it special by getting it personalized or choosing something that features something they like, such as a brand name or band merch.

Many colleagues will be happy even to receive a gift from their co-workers when they leave, so you would have to get it really wrong for it not to go down well. These are just a few suggestions if you really want to pull it out of the bag.