4 Common Invisalign Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Did you know that up to 45% of kids need braces, and up to 75% of them would benefit from braces for aesthetic issues? If you didn’t get braces as a child, it’s likely that you’d benefit from them as an adult.

Many adults and teens resist metal braces and opt for the much more subtle Invisalign aligners. If they’re not careful, they may make some common Invisalign maintenance mistakes and disrupt their progress.

We’re here to talk about a few common maintenance mistakes that people make during treatment. Read on to learn more.

1. Not Getting Regular Dental Care

Some misguided people believe that they don’t need to go to regular dentist’s appointments if they have Invisalign aligners. If you already have an orthodontist checking your progress, why would you need to visit a dentist as well?

Regular dentists sometimes offer Invisalign (check out this dentist as an example). If this is the case, they may combine regular appointments with Invisalign appointments.

If that’s not the case for you, your dentist is going to be the only person checking for cavities, doing professional cleanings, and more. Invisalign has the potential to influence cavities, so you have to keep up with appointments!

2. Not Cleaning Invisalign Aligners During Meals

Your Invisalign aligners are going to get grimy during the day, even if you only drink water with them in. Make sure that you’re cleaning your aligners while you eat.

Use a cup of warm water and your cleaning crystals. If you can’t find orthodontic cleaning crystals, denture cleaning tablets work in a pinch. They’ll keep your aligners clear and sanitary.

When you get ready to put the aligners back in, brush your teeth beforehand so you don’t undo the benefits of cleaning the aligners in the first place.

3. Being Too Rough With Your Aligners

Anyone who’s wearing Invisalign aligners remembers how hard it was to remove them at first. It felt like you had to pry them out of your mouth, right?

Avoid the urge to pry. Instead, we recommend one of the most valuable Invisalign maintenance tools: the OrthoKey (or something similar). You use the tool to gently pull your aligners off of your teeth from the back.

This way, you don’t risk breaking or bending your aligners (which could happen if you’re too rough with them).

4. Forgetting Your Case at Home

Your case is one of your most important Invisalign maintenance tools. When cleaning Invisalign trays between wears isn’t an option (like when you’re out in public), you’re going to need to put your trays in your case to keep them safe while you’re not wearing them.

Your case is sturdy enough to protect your aligners and it should fit in your pocket. By using your case, you’re avoiding the potential of losing your aligners by accidentally throwing them away with your napkins. You also don’t have to worry about them getting crushed in a pocket or bag.

Avoid These Common Invisalign Maintenance Mistakes

These Invisalign maintenance mistakes could disrupt your orthodontic treatment plan. Keep this list in mind when you’re straightening your teeth! You’ll have a superstar smile in no time.

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