4 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Pediatrician


Every child needs a reputable pediatrician. Young children need to see the pediatrician on a regular basis to ensure they’re reaching growth milestones, to check for signs of any abnormalities, and more. You know how important it is for you to find a pediatrician who’ll treat your child like their own.

A good way to find the right one for your family is to know what questions to ask a pediatrician. Interviewing a pediatrician can tell you a lot about them and if they’re a good fit for you. In the guide below, you’ll find several questions you’ll want to ask. 

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1. How Long Have You Practiced Pediatrics? 

One of the first questions you can ask the pediatrician is about their experience. Ask how long they’ve practiced pediatrics. Local pediatricians with experience can sometimes give you some peace of mind.

When they’ve been working with children for several years, they know how to handle a multitude of situations that could arise. They’ve also seen many different things and are familiar with a wide variety of illnesses, diseases, and more that are common in children. 

2. What Are Your Qualifications?

Now you’ll want to ask about their qualifications. What type of medical education and training do they have? Do they have any extra certifications? 

Be sure to ask the pediatrician to show you proof of all their qualifications. Now is also the ideal time to ask the pediatrician to show you proof of their license. Make sure all the documents they show you are up to date. 

3. What’s Your View on _____?

Different doctors will have different views on a variety of topics. If there’s a specific topic that’s important to you, then you’ll want to make sure the pediatrician has the same belief system. When your beliefs and values align with the pediatrician’s beliefs and values, it makes for a much better match.

For example, you might ask the pediatrician what their view on bottle feeding/breastfeeding is. You might ask what their view on circumcising is. These are all important questions to ask when you feel strongly about the topic. 

4. Do You Accept My Insurance?

Unfortunately, not all pediatricians will accept your insurance. It’s never a bad idea to ask the pediatrician if they accept your medical insurance. Paying for visits and procedures with medical insurance can be a big help financially. 

You can always contact your insurance provider as well and ask if the pediatrician is in the network. 

Know What Questions to Ask a Pediatrician 

Before you select a pediatrician for your child, it’s always a good idea to conduct a quick interview with them. Asking the right questions will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Know what questions to ask a pediatrician by keeping this guide handy at all times.

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