5 Types of Relief for Knee Pain


More people report pain in their knees than in any other joint. If you are one of the 18% of Americans that suffer from knee pain, you need to find some relief. Relief for knee pain can seem impossible but you can do it with the right help.

New knee pain treatments are being developed by the medical industry all the time. Whether you suffer from arthritis knee pain or knee pain from an injury you have options.

This guide will lay out 5 types of knee pain relief that you can choose based on your situation. Finding the relief you need is as easy as reading on to see what your best option is.

1. Relief for Knee Pain via Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be an excellent option for knee pain that is degenerative or from an injury. Your physical therapist will focus on strengthening and flexibility exercises to make your knees stronger and more resilient.

Mobility exercises are another great option for knees that are in bad shape or have sustained serious injuries. Finding a solid physical therapist is a great first step in managing your knee pain.

2. Injection in Knee for Pain Relief

If your knee pain doesn’t improve with physical therapy you may want to consider some more advanced treatment options. One of the first of these are injections for pain relief or increased mobility.

Some types of injections help knee conditions such as osteoarthritis by lubricating the interior of your joint. Others provide direct pain relief but don’t deal with the root cause of your pain.

3. Medication

Your doctor may be able to recommend some medication that reduces your knee pain or inflammation in your joints. Try to avoid prescription opioids as they are very addicting.

If your knee pain is chronic and affecting your quality of life medication is an excellent option for the short term. Medication should be used in conjunction with other treatment options for maximum efficiency.

4. Surgery

After you have exhausted all other options it may be time to consider some more drastic measures. The first of these is knee surgery. Consult a reputable orthopedic surgeon and discuss what types of surgical options are on the table.

Many knee surgeries are covered by insurance especially if your knee pain prevents you from working. If you find a good enough surgeon this can be an excellent option. Some surgeries can eliminate your knee pain.

5. Knee Replacement

If you have already tried surgery to try and fix your knee problem, you may need a total knee replacement. A skilled surgeon will replace your entire knee with an artificial one in an attempt to alleviate your pain.

Your Knee Should Be Pain-Free

Nobody deserves to live with crippling pain. If you are having trouble finding relief for knee pain you need to examine all of your options. Don’t suffer through another day of debilitating knee pain.

Talk about the five options in this guide with your doctor and find out what works best for you today. Get back to having the pain-free life you deserve. For other interesting content make sure to check back with our site.