6 Early Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Home


Every year, 1 in 5 households plays host to blood-sucking insects known as bedbugs. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You can pick them up from almost anywhere.

Someone you brushed up against at the grocery store could have transferred one over to you. You could have carried one home from the hotel you stayed in during your family vacation.

No matter where you get them, it’s important that you spot the early signs of bedbugs so you can deal with them. They’re not known to carry diseases, but they can be annoying to deal with. Their bites cause itching and sleeplessness.

Check out this guide to learn for sure if you have a bedbug infestation on your hands.

1. Stains on Your Sheets

The first thing you’ll notice if you have a bedbug infestation on your hands is stains on your sheets. Their fecal matter leaves behind dark spots.

If a bedbug bites your skin and moves on, it may leave a bloodstain on your skin. You may also see blood on your sheets if you roll over and squash a bug in your sleep.

2. Bite Marks

We will tell you that bedbug bites show up a little differently on everyone. You may have no reaction at all or you might develop bright red welts.

While it’s true that many types of insect bites can cause the same kind of reaction, bedbugs are unique in that they usually leave behind four itchy red spots in a row.

3. Strange Odors

When bedbugs are in danger or feel threatened, they give off a distinct smell. Some people describe it as cilantro or coriander.

We will tell you that the smell can be quite faint. Unless you have a bad infestation or rollover on a bug, you might not notice it.

4. Eggs

Female bedbugs lay tiny white eggs that sort of resemble a grain of rice. While the eggs are spottable by the human eye, they are tiny.

Unless you’re searching for them like a man gone mad, it’s hard to find them. Our advice is to check in crevices and cracks. The bugs like to hide there.

5. Casings

One of the most obvious early signs of bedbugs is finding their casings. When they molt, they leave yellowish translucent exoskeletons behind.

Since bedbugs go through so many life stages, it’s more likely that you’ll find their casings before you see a live one.

6. Live Bugs

If you find live bugs, that’s pretty much all the confirmation that you need. Even if you only find one bug, you likely have an infestation on your hands.

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Early Signs of Bedbugs to Be Aware Of

Even though bedbugs don’t cause diseases, they’re annoying to deal with. They leave itchy welts on the skin that make it difficult to get any sleep.

The best way to get rid of them is to notice the early signs of bedbugs. A bedbug company will be able to nip your infestation in the bud before it gets any worse.

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