Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries


With modern science advancing day by day, the medical fraternity has a solution to almost every ailment and disease. Amongst numerous branches of surgery, orthopedics is one such branch that deals with diseases and health conditions that can occur in the musculoskeletal system of the body.

In India, orthopedic surgery facilities are available in many orthopedic hospitals in Mumbai and many other cities.

The types of Orthopedic Surgeries

Orthopedic surgeries are the most advised solutions for problems related to the musculoskeletal system. If there is any damage there due to a medical condition or injury, orthopedic surgeries are the ideal treatment method. With the help of such procedures, patients would be able to make easy movements of joints, bones, and ligaments connected to muscles. One can find orthopedic surgeons in most of the prominent orthopedic hospitals in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and many other cities in India.

Amongst many procedures, a few orthopedic surgeries are most frequently performed on patients suffering from issues relating to bones, joints, and soft tissues. 

Amongst many procedures, there are a few orthopedic surgeries that are most frequently performed on patients suffering from issues relating to bones, joints, and soft tissues. The most common orthopedic surgeries are listed below.

Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

A knee joint replacement surgery is the most common surgical procedure performed on patients to alleviate pain, improve disability and help with mobility issues. A patient can require a partial or a total knee replacement, depending upon the seriousness of their knee damage.Knee replacement surgeries are recommended for patients suffering from cartilage damage to knee joints This causes them to face challenges while moving or walking. In case of a total knee replacement, the entire damaged knee is removed and replaced with metal components. Only the part of the knee which is highly damaged is replaced in a partial knee replacement surgery.

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ACL Surgery

Anterior Cruciate Ligament is a part of the knee that runs across the front, diagonally. This ligament helps you stay stable on your leg while rotating it. If the ACL is torn, surgery is needed to reconstruct the damage. This type of surgery is required mainly by athletes who might tear their ACL. In this type of orthopedic surgery, the surgeon takes a portion of the tendon from another part of the patient’s body and uses it like a makeshift graft which is used on the damaged ligament. With this type of orthopedic surgery, the patient is allowed to leave the hospital on the same day of the surgery and rest at home. An ACL Surgery can be availed at all the leading orthopedic hospitals in Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, etc.

Shoulder Replacement

A shoulder replacement surgery is also a necessary procedure on a damaged shoulder socket. The surgeon puts away the top portion of the upper arm bone and replaces it with a metal ball. After that, a plastic replacement is put in place of the damaged socket. A shoulder replacement procedure is recommended to provide relief from discomfort. It is also used to re-establish a movement in the shoulder.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement is a surgical process in which an orthopedic surgeon replaces a painful hip joint using an artificial one. The damaged hip joint generally has inflammation and is replaced with an artificial joint made up of metal and plastic. Similar to a knee, the hip cartilage also wears off with time. A hip replacement is done as a last resort when all the other methods have been tried and failed by the patient, and their discomfort continues to hinder their day-to-day operations. 

Under the traditional hip replacement approach, the entire ball and attachment joint is replaced with metal or plastic prosthetics. However, by using the approach known as the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, only the damaged portions of the hip are replaced. Amongst the two procedures, the latter is the one less invasive and requires less recovery time. 

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Arthroscopy is a relatively non-invasive procedure when it comes to orthopedic surgeries. It is an examination of damage incurred by the interior of a joint. Arthroscopy sometimes requires the same treatment by operating an Arthroscope, an endoscope tube that is pushed into the joint via a small incision. Due to the arthroscope, the surgeon gets a clear picture of the damage in the patient’s knee or shoulder. 

Arthroscopic surgeries are mainly performed to treat many orthopedic conditions, including torn cartilages like floating, surface, ACL reconstruction, etc. This procedure generates significant results by curing stiffness and joint pain.

Joint Fusion

A joint fusion procedure is the most common orthopedic surgery among patients who have arthritis. For patients who have extreme joint inflammation pain, the orthopedic surgeon may recommend joint fusion. In this procedure, the cartilage is taken from a healthy body and then grafted into the damaged cartilage area. The bones which make up the inflamed joint are then welded together to provide stability. A joint fusion procedure can be done to a damaged spine, fingers, feet, and ankles.


With the advancement in orthopedic surgeries, dealing with musculoskeletal issues has become quite easy. Orthopedic procedures help a patient regain their ability to perform daily tasks with ease and confidence. Such procedures are available in all leading orthopedic hospitals in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, New Delhi, etc.