A Patient’s Guide to Choosing a Mohs Surgeon


Your skin is your body’s first layer of defense from outside threats. Your skin protects your muscles, bones, and blood systems from several dangers.

That’s why skin cancer is such a grave issue. Nobody should take a skin cancer diagnosis lightly, even if it’s in the earliest stages. Instead, they should look for the best surgery options to remove those cancerous cells.

In many cases, people recommend a Mohs surgeon for this task. Mohs surgery is safe and efficient, removing skin cancer one layer at a time. In the process, it preserves as much healthy tissue as possible.

Usually, the hardest part of Mohs surgery is choosing a surgeon. Fortunately, we can make that easier! Check out our tips for finding the best surgeon in the guide below.

Does Your Mohs Surgeon Have a Board Certification?

The first step in finding a Mohs surgeon is ensuring they have the appropriate credentials. Any Mohs surgeon you see should have fellowship training in these types of surgery.

Likewise, they should also have a board certification from the American College of Mohs Surgery. This certification ensures that your surgeon has the specific training necessary to tackle your operation.

These qualifications are the baseline that any surgeon you choose should meet. However, these are not the only experience to look for. We’ll explore the next criterion in the following section.

Have They Treated Your Type of Skin Cancer?

The next thing to consider is whether this surgeon has ever treated your type of skin cancer. After all, different types of cancer exist. Each of them could provide unique complications for a surgeon.

Finding a Mohs surgeon with experience treating your cancer makes them more reliable. This professional understands what kinds of threats your cancer could pose.

As such, they can use the best Mohs surgery techniques to ensure you stay safe. If your surgeon has this experience, move to the next criterion.

How Do Previous Patients Feel About This Surgeon?

We live in the era of online reviews. These days, people will take to the Internet to leave essay-length feedback about everything from restaurants to Amazon orders. This practice extends to medical experiences, too.

Plenty of online review sites exist where people talk about their experience with a medical professional. So, use this to your advantage.

Search your prospective surgeon online and see what people say about them. Did their surgeries go well? Was he pleasant to work with?

If most people have positive feedback about this surgeon, consider booking an appointment. Avoid any surgeon with overwhelmingly negative feedback.

Find The Surgeon You Need

As you can see, finding the best Mohs surgeon for your operation is critical for your health. So, use these tips to find the best medical professional for the job.

Does this person have the necessary credentials? Do they have experience treating people with your diagnosis?

Finally, do other patients think well of this surgeon? If they meet these criteria, excellent! Book your appointment with this surgeon today.

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