Benefits Of Having A Medical Marijuana Card After Legalization?


There are numerous advantages to having a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma, where the use of medical marijuana is legal. In these states, you have the right to buy marijuana for medicinal use. It is essential to know the laws in your state concerning the use of medical marijuana. However, the benefits that come with the help of this herb far outweigh its purported disadvantages. Some even say that cannabis has health benefits that can be used to treat several disorders affecting the body and mind.

Benefits Of Having A Medical Marijuana Card

Well, it depends on your definition of the word “benefit.” If you mean, “What is the material benefit of having a medical cannabis card after legalization?” Then the answer is:

  • You can legally grow up to 99 plants at home. It is a big deal if you are a serious grower. Only medical marijuana patients can legally grow this many plants in California.
  • Get your medicine at dispensaries. A dispensary will have a more comprehensive selection of products than the average dealer.
  • Dispensaries have many different types of medication available, from edibles to topical creams and oils and traditional cannabis flowers in many different strains.
  • You can buy medical marijuana at dispensaries that cater only to medical marijuana patients. These dispensaries are less likely to be raided by police or shut down by the government than recreational stores are. It is because these shops have contracts with local cities and counties. Recreational stores do not have such agreements and thus remain at risk of being raided or shut down by law enforcement (which has happened in some places). Suppose you live in a rural area or a city with no legal recreational stores. In that case, this means you may have no other way to access cannabis than through your local dispensary that caters only to medical marijuana patients.
  • You can still buy edibles with higher THC levels than what will be allowed for recreational users of cannabis in California if you like edible products but don’t like smoking; getting a medical cannabis card before legalization would enable it.
  • The product is often better quality than what you would get from your dealer, who may be selling dirt weed or anything they can get their hands on because they are trying to sell it all to afford to buy more of their supply at a lower price per gram.
  • You don’t have to worry about getting caught with marijuana when you’re driving home from work or school because it’s legal for anyone over 21 years old to possess up to one ounce (28 grams) of cannabis in Colorado? In addition, if you’re 21+, then there are no restrictions on where you can buy weed from any retail location within state lines- including Denver International Airport!
  • Better deals. Medical marijuana cardholders can still get better deals than recreational users sometimes. For example, the taxes on medical marijuana were cut from 8.75% state sales tax and 4% city tax to 2.9% state tax. It will be at least until 2020 when recreational users see a similar reduction in taxes. However, the price difference between medical and recreational is closing. Some dispensaries are selling medical marijuana at the same price as recreational marijuana. Also, some dispensaries won’t allow you to bring in your cannabis products or limit them to a gram or two per visit.

So if you are planning on buying significant amounts of cannabis products (> 10 grams), then the card would make more sense for you financially. For whatever reason (career advancement, among other things), there is also the added benefit of avoiding the “stoner” stigma if you are a professional who does not wish to be associated with the recreational use of marijuana. You should check with your local dispensary whether there are differences between medical and recreational pricing.

If you have a medical marijuana card in California, the legalization of dispensaries and recreational marijuana will allow you to purchase your herb from any storefront that carries marijuana. Furthermore, you could carry up to an ounce on your person instead of a maximum of 8 grams. It sounds promising, but place yourself in the following scenario: If you’re walking down the street in Los Angeles, smoking a joint, and the police stop you, they can take your medical marijuana card when they confiscate your joint. If they do not believe your claim of having a genuine medical marijuana card, they may arrest you and charge you with possession.