Convincing a Loved One to Go to Rehab


There are around 21 million Americans suffering from addiction. In 2018, only 11% of people with a substance abuse disorder got the treatment they needed. It’s time to change those statistics one person at a time.

Although you might not have the means to provide treatment for everyone battling addiction, you do have the means to convince your loved one to go to rehab. Watching someone you love struggle with alcohol addiction or drug addiction is frustrating, confusing, and heartbreaking. Making this person see that rehab is the best option isn’t always easy, but it’s possible.

In the guide below, we’ll discuss how you can help a loved one dealing with addiction check into a rehab center. Here’s everything you need to know.

Encourage Them to Take Responsibility

It’s often easier to enable a person rather than force them to take responsibility for their own actions and life choices. However, if you want to help your loved one, then you need to encourage them to take responsibility. If they’re going to go to a rehab facility, then this is a decision they need to make.

You can convince them to go, but you can’t force them. The first step in convincing them is making sure they take the responsibility into their own hands and understand they must take the steps themselves to change. Follow this link to learn more about the different roles family members play in an addict’s life.

Build a Support Team

convincing a loved one to go to rehab is a tough job to tackle, especially when doing so alone. Build a support team of other family members, friends, and counselors to help you encourage them to seek treatment. Speak with family and friends about various ways all of you can encourage this person.

Offer Information About Treatment Centers

It’s your loved one’s responsibility to take the necessary steps to get help, but that doesn’t mean you can’t point them in the right direction. Do your own research and gather information on great rehab centers. Find a few that could be a great option for your loved one and then present all of the information to them.

Help Find Support Groups For You and Them

Another thing you can do is find information on local support groups for both you and them. For them, you want to find groups that offer support to those struggling with addiction. This is a safe place where they can do and open up about their battles, challenges, and achievements.

For you, find a support group that offers support to family members and friends of addicts.

You Can Encourage a Loved One to Go to Rehab

As difficult as it might seem in the present moment, you can convince a loved one to go to rehab with the right approach. Use all of the helpful information and advice listed in this guide above to help you do just that. Remember it takes patience, empathy, and dedication to provide the right encouragement.

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