Drugs Uses with Type, Precautions & More


The one thing keeping us in motion is health. The word health is basically representing the internal working of a person. It includes both physical and mental aspects. Better health is a central to human joy and wellbeing. It is an important factor for economic progress because people with sound body and sound mind lives longer and are also more productive than the unhealthy people. In order to save a person from various infections and diseases medical science introduced drugs and medicines. Their key function is to keep an individual healthy and free of diseases. And this task is accomplished by making the required drugs and then they are sent to the pharmacies. After the drug delivery to pharmacy the individual gets there required medication.

World Health Organization is built to resolve the issues of health and is working on the idea of reducing the risks of diseases among the people. In particular, it builds support and ensures that health and wellbeing is prioritized within overall general finical and developmental plans. It also works with donors to aid in health problems and provides effective ways for solving the problems.

What are Drugs?

Drugs are chemicals and compound solutions. They are mainly used to cure and anticipate illness, to decrease symptoms and also offer assistance in the diagnosis of a disease. They are made by combining different chemicals by extracting them from a variety of sources. Advancement in medical science have helped doctors to save number of lives by using these compound solutions.

They are developed by using natural and artificial sources. Most of them are obtained by using natural resources such as plants. Plants have a natural ability to cure a number of health issues. In past when there was no concept of medicines and drugs plants were used for the required purpose and they turned out to be beneficial.

A few drugs are made in labs by mixing a number of prepared chemicals. And some are indeed naturally designed by inserting genes into microscopic organisms that helps them in making the desired substance.

What role FDA plays?

No medication can be sold until and unless it has been approved by Federal drug Administration. It is the main organization working on medicines and drug supplies.  When a drug or medicine is prepared it is sent to FDA for checking. It only allows the new medicines if they are safe in usage and less harmful for the people. when a medicine’s benefits exceed its own danger, the FDA approves the medicine. But FDA can also withdraw a drug from medicine market at any time if it is found to cause harmful side effects afterwards.

Medicines are prepared in different ways and are also administered in different ways like;

  • Some are liquids that are swallowed.
  • In the form of drops used in eyes and ears.
  • Used as inhalers like nasal sprays and asthma inhalers
  • Injections and in the form of intravenous medicines
  • Tablets, they are placed on the tongue and taken orally with or without water.
  • Creams or ointments that are applied on the skin

Precautions while taking Drugs

It is important to take some precautionary measure while taking any kind of medicines. In spite of doctor prescription, you should be careful while intaking any drug. Some of the basic rules while administrating any drugs;

  • Read the label before taking any drug and follow the instructions mentioned on it.
  • Take the required dose and do not take medicine more than it is recommended. Just like if the instruction says take one tablet per day than don’t take it twice a day to get better earlier. Infect overdose may cause you sick.
  • If you feel like instead giving beneficial results the medicine is affecting you somehow than consult your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Always follow your doctor instructions while intaking any drug, if your doctor asks you take it with food then don not take it empty stomach as it may cause adverse effects. But if your pharmacist suggests you to take it empty stomach so that it does not affects absorption mechanism of body then in this case follow your doctor directions.
  • If you are taking a medicine already then you feel the need of another medicine for a different purpose then ask your doctor about it. Because there could be worse reaction between the two different drugs.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol when you are taking any medicine because alcohol can dramatically worsen the side effects of the drugs.
  • Be confident to tell your physician if you are pregnant because a few of the medicines may affect the baby. In case if your breast feeding tells your specialist about it because some of the medicines can cause problem with nursing.
  • keep medicines (livraison de medicament en pharmacie) in their original labeled bottles or packets, if possible.
  • Make sure to keep all of the medicines out of the range of children and put them in safe places.

Types of Medicines

According to UK company meds all the medicines comes in following preparations;


A tablet is formed when an active ingredient is combined with the other one. Then both of them are pressed together into round or oval shape. They are numerous types of tablets taken with or without food. Soluble tablets are taken by dissolving them in water.


The substance mixture is taken in plastic shell that dissolves in slow manner inside the stomach. Mostly they are swallowed and are not absorbed until the stomach acid breaks the plastic shell.


Some of the medicines are required to be given subcutaneously. For that purpose, the substance is filled in injection form of material and then injected inside via veins, it is safe to use them with the help of doctor assistance.


The active part of medicine is filled into a device which is pressed and then the medicine reaches the lungs directly. It is difficult in using at first but once you get to know it becomes easier for the patient.