Four Reasons to Get Dental Prosthetics

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Did you know that many people feel insecure about their teeth? As a result, they’re unwilling to flash their pearly whites in photos, and they may even cover their mouths when they smile or laugh.

This is where dental prosthetics come in to save the day. We’re here to talk about a few top reasons (aesthetic and otherwise) that you might want to consider upgrading your smile with prosthetics.

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Missing Teeth

One of the top reasons to get dental prosthetics, in this case, dental implants, is because of missing teeth. Both dentures and dental implants are good for this purpose, but dental implants have an added benefit.

Dental implants improve the aesthetic of your smile and protect your jaw. When you’re missing a tooth, your jaw underneath that tooth can deteriorate. This can cause a sunken appearance or further damage.

The implant protects the jaw and the surrounding teeth. You treat it like you would a normal tooth.

Some people have medical conditions that cause them to lose all of their teeth. They can get a complete set of implants or removable dentures to regain their superstar smiles and their confidence.

Severe Tooth Discoloration

Not all tooth discoloration is fixable with a good oral hygiene routine and teeth whitening. Sometimes teeth look bruised or stained no matter what you do.

In this case, veneers are a great option. Veneers are dental prosthetics that can go over your natural teeth. As a result, they give you a “perfect” smile.

Many people like veneers because they give you instant results once they’re set in place. You can, however, also use crowns if that’s what you prefer. Most dentists can place crowns, while only cosmetic dentists will offer veneers.

Keep in mind that you still have to work on keeping your “teeth” white after you get veneers. Standard whitening techniques don’t work on veneers, so be careful to avoid staining foods and tobacco.

Weakened Teeth

Do you have teeth that are weakened by previous cavities? Sometimes a filling isn’t enough to strengthen a tooth. That’s when your family dentist will recommend different types of crowns for teeth.

Your teeth will look better and stay stronger when your dentist places a crown. Crowns are a common part of standard dental care.

Misshapen Teeth

Sometimes a visit to your family orthodontist isn’t enough to help you feel confident about your smile. If your teeth are naturally misshapen, too large, or too small, you might want to consider dental prosthetics.

Veneers will go over your natural teeth and provide a more uniform shape. As a result, your teeth will look straight, and they’ll be sized correctly for your face.

Are Dental Prosthetics Right for You?

Dental prosthetics are great for anyone who isn’t happy with the aesthetic appearance of their smile. They can also help with a variety of dental issues.

If you’re ready to upgrade your smile and feel confident again, why not start looking into “dental prosthetics near me” for your local cosmetic dentist?

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