How Long Do You Need Braces? Your Quick Guide


While many people seek out a straighter smile for appearance purposes, it’s also important to remember that well-aligned teeth can actually lead to better oral health as well. A perfect smile will be easier to clean and care for than a crowded and uneven one.

If you’re still on the fence about getting braces, however, there might be other factors you’re considering. For example: how long do you need braces? No one loves the interruption of braces, and getting a sense of the timeline can help you decide if they are right for you (or for your child).

What’s the timeline for braces really look like? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

How Long Do You Need Braces?

Unfortunately, there’s no short and simple answer for the question of braces duration. Everyone’s situation when it comes to getting braces will be somewhat different, dependent on the needs of each person’s current oral reality.

Someone who has an extreme misalignment with their teeth will need braces much longer than someone with minor crooked teeth, for example.

On average, when a child gets braces, they usually have to wear them between one and three years. Some are able to get them off in even less time, and others might have to go even longer.

The only way to get a solid estimation of the time ahead would be to sit down with a dentist and have a free consultation. Most who practice orthodontics for children should be able to look at a child’s teeth and estimate fairly accurately how long the process will take.

Factors That Impact Braces Duration

What will the doctor be making this judgment based on? There are a variety of factors and they each play a big role.

The overall crookedness of the teeth will be one of the major factors. The more crowded or uneven one’s teeth are, the more time you’ll need to sink into getting them aligned properly.

The age of the person in question also tends to impact the duration. Most people get braces in their teens because, at this age, the mouth and jaw are still developing. 14, for example, is a great age to get braces.

It’s easier and quicker to mold things at this stage than later, once things are set in place.

These days, there are also lots of different kinds of braces. They each work in different ways and may result in slightly different timelines for the overall procedure. Which you decide on will also impact your overall duration.

How Long Until One Can Get Braces Off?

How long do you need braces for?

If you’re on the fence about starting braces for you or your child, the above information can help you understand the duration of the process. You’ll need to decide for yourself when to get braces, but with the above knowledge, you’ll be making a more informed decision.

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