How Often Should You Schedule an Eye Exam?


Far too many Americans are putting off routine eye care. In fact, more than one-quarter of Americans have not seen an eye doctor in over two years.

Delaying your visit to an eye doctor or specialist comes with the potential for significant consequences. Your vision may deteriorate further, or other symptoms may emerge without corrective treatment.

How often do you need an eye exam? Read on to learn when you should schedule an eye appointment. Explore topics such as routine eye care and how to promote eye health.

What to Expect in an Eye Exam?

Before we discuss the timing for eye exams, it is important to lay out the expectations. While there are different tools and techniques to assess eye health, examinations are similar across the board. The objectives of the visit are the same despite the doctor you see.

The first step in the process is sitting down with a staff member and discussing your eye health and medical history. You should bring any glasses or contacts that you use.

Next, the doctor comes in and will conduct a variety of eye tests based on your visit’s objectives. The vision acuity test is the most common.

This test is performed on children 3-years and up all the way to elderly patients. Reading an eye chart is at the heart of this test designed to gauge visual strength. The letters get progressively smaller down the chart.

Eye doctors also use computerized refraction testing. This equipment allows doctors to accurately specify your prescription.

How Often Do You Need an Eye Exam?

The time interval for an eye examination depends on your medical circumstances. Also, the patient’s age is another important consideration.

Without any known eye issues, the recommended interval for patients 40 and under is every two years. Older patients may need to get checked more frequently. For the elderly, the recommended interval decreases to one year.

The existence of an eye condition is going to change the interval for an examination. For example, a patient with strabismus needs to see the eye doctor regularly. This is to ensure that the prescription is adequate for their eye condition.

How to Schedule an Eye Examination?

You are now ready to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. The first step is to find an eye doctor. Many doctors allow you to book an exam online such as

If you carry vision insurance, you want to verify that the doctor accepts your plan. An out-of-network provider may result in a higher bill than you anticipated.

The office is likely to ask questions about your medical history. Answering these questions is normal and an important part of the process.

Promoting Eye Care by Scheduling Routine Exams

Your eye health depends on regular visits with the doctor. Your doctor will perform tests to check your vision and make sure you have the most suitable prescription.

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