How to achieve a Teeth Whitening


Having a yellowish or dull smile tends to make a low impression while dealing with society, and in turn, causes a lack of confidence to move further. So, getting proper treatment from a professional oral expert is a smart move, rather than seeking better health through their expertise working methods.

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The need for a Teeth Whitening

Due to the consumption of certain foods and drinks, stains can form on teeth. Avoiding things like special agents in teeth holds a chance of restoring a beautiful white-toothed smile. Superficial changes are often used at home to remove or reduce discoloration to make a brighter smile. These kinds of chemicals are available over the counter where they sell toothpaste, strips and other enhancing kits for improving overall oral appearance.

Reasons for Tooth Discoloration

There are various factors that can impact the appearance of your teeth.  Some of these include:

Food & Drink

Consumption of coffee, tea, and/or alcohol might be a staining culprit. The intense color pigments in these foods and drinks attach to the white & outer parts of a tooth’s surface.


Having a habit of consuming tobacco-like tar and nicotine creates an impact on your teeth, making a yellowish surface.

Age factor

Due to age,  improper maintenance of teeth could lead to an infected surface.


A certain intake of heavy chemical items for various other health issues can give side effects that negatively impact the appearance of your teeth. Sometimes facing chemotherapy also exposes a chance of darkening teeth.

Whitening Products

Most of these kits hold a chemical called carbamide peroxide, or hydrogen peroxide. These chemicals can remove superficial and deeper discoloration of teeth. Depending on the kit, teeth will either be whitened with a toothbrush, or a different method; in the form of a gel that’s placed on both the upper & lower teeth. The process a high concentration of bleaching agents that can be administered by an oral specialist or trained by assistants. A professional method of application is available and done in a dental clinic, which provides a more guaranteed and swift result in whitening teeth.


Certain strips could contain hydrogen peroxide with a sheet of polyethylene, which can be used at home. Portland Teeth whitening treatments provide various forms of bleaching that makes teeth sensitive. Strips can also irritate gums when they’re not used properly.

Procedural Guidance for Teeth Whitening

Professional whitening process starts at setting an appointment with your dentist.  These are done only after consulting a professional. If there are large fillings or caps in the front of your teeth, then bleaching is not the right choice. Using certain chemicals that aid natural teeth with a restoration material can result in different colors to artificial fillings. One of the most effective yellow-teeth treatments could be less effective on impacting brown or gray spots, resulting in an exposure of tetracycline antibiotics.

The procedure is performed where a patient is placed in a chair with a professional who places a lip retractor in the mouth; a plastic guide that moves lips out of way to create ease of access. The dentist covers all gums around the front phase of teeth with a gel and uses a high-powered light to expose all treatable areas. These kinds of gingival barriers help to avoid bleaching the enamel with the chemicals used during the whitening process.

Most of the clinical appliances use gel in teeth whitening, and dental experts will make a point to rinse off the gel and reapply a new coat with certain enhancing substances. These kits include custom made trays to fit in teeth along with tubes of whitening gel to use a lower concentration of bleaching agents. The patient uses trays that hold gels, and wears them for a specified number of minutes to gain a brighter surface.

Other profession processes

One of the procedures used in dentistry is laser technology. Through these platforms, whitening is performed in which a rubber mold is placed on teeth to protect the gums from bleaching materials that are exposed to teeth. A light or laser emitted is used to activate the chemicals, which speeds up the reaction of the chemicals.  All in all, the change of color is achieved faster without any side effects.

Preventive Methods

Enamel has a layer that covers a tooth underneath it, which is due to a cause of dentin to be exposed. Changes in eating and drinking non-stained foods are required by those who’ve whitened their teeth. 


  • Gaining self-confidence that’s apparent with an indication that you take care of oral health and appearance.
  • People are more likely to focus on a beautiful, white smile than any other abnormality.
  • Some combination of whitening chemicals enhance the impact of the procedure, creating a bigger result. They can help to kill bacteria that might reduce infection in the mouth.

Reduce Risk

If a person is looking for a quick and easy process that changes the appearance of their teeth, and has a limited budget, there are many options one can choose from to whiten their teeth.  These kinds of approaches do not cause any negative impact in one’s mouth, but it is important to consult your dentist to see if these options are right for you. For further information contact our Portland Orthodontist