How to Become An Aesthetic Nurse: The Ultimate Guide


You’ve always wanted to be a nurse, but you don’t think that you can handle the pressure. You’d have to attend to the needs of several patients, admit and discharge people, and do heaps of paperwork.

You know that the job pays a lot, but is the stress worth it? It might be if you become an aesthetic nurse. While the job does come with its own share of stressors, it’s not as bad as the anxiety that comes from general nursing.

You’ll also get the chance to help people transform into a person that they can be proud of. Keep reading to learn how to get started down this amazing career path.

What Is an Aesthetic Nurse?

An aesthetic nurse is an RN that happens to work in the world of cosmetology. You mostly find them at spas and in the office of plastic surgeons.

Their primary focus is to help those who are undergoing cosmetic procedures for either medical or personal reasons. Some aesthetic nurses provide general care and others specialize in one of the many areas available.

You could focus on injections or try your hand at acne treatments. You could undergo aesthetic laser training or do anti-aging fillers.

What Do They Do?

Being an aesthetic nurse is a bit less stressful than being a regular RN, but the job does come with a lot of the same responsibilities. You’ll administer some of the less invasive procedures such as chemical peels.

If a patient does have to undergo cosmetic surgery of some kind, you’ll be the person to prepare them for it. You may even get the chance to help the surgeon with the procedure.

If someone calls to make an appointment, you’ll be the one to pencil them in. When the doctor is done with a patient, you’ll prepare the room for the next person.

Find the Right Undergrad Program

If what we’ve said so far appeals to you, you’ll have to start hunting around for an undergrad program that can push you forward in your cosmetic medicine career.

You’ll need to get your bachelor’s of Science in the field of nursing. Before you enroll in a program, make sure that’s it’s accredited by the board of nursing in your state.

Once you find the right school, you’ll spend 4-5 years taking basic courses in nursing research, clinical study, psychology, anatomy, physiology, and health care policy.

Go Get Your License

After you graduate, you can apply for a license in the state where you intend to work. If you want to operate in more than one state, you’ll have to jump through a few more hoops.

You’ll apply for your Nurse Licensure Compact instead of your regular old license. When you turn in your application, you’ll include a copy of your college transcripts. There will also be a criminal background check.

Take the Exam

After your licensing application goes through, you’ll have to take an exam to make things official. It will test everything you learned during your bachelor’s degree including, basic procedures and safety.

The test takes about 6 hours to complete. Once you pass, you’ll be ready to enter the world as an RN. If you fail, you’ll have to wait at least 45 days to take the test again.

Gather Experience

You’re going to have to work as an RN for a bit before you can start performing aesthetic medicine. There are two ways that you can go about this.

You could shadow a professional aesthetic nurse at a board-operated plastic surgery facility. If getting your feet wet in the cosmetic field isn’t possible for you right away, you can also work under a regular physician for a while.

Whatever choice you make, it is recommended that you get a year or so of cosmetic nursing experience under your belt before you go after your certification.

Get Your Certification

You don’t have to have a certification to start a career as an aesthetic nurse. It will help push things along, though. Enough employers will require you to have it where getting it is worth it.

It shows that you know what you’re going when it comes to carrying out cosmetic procedures. After working for 3 years as an RN and one year as an aesthetic nurse, you’ll be able to apply for your certification with the Nursing Certification Board. You’ll have to reapply every three years to continue putting the credential on your resume.

Start Networking

If you’re finding it difficult to get your foot in the door, it might be time for you to up your networking game. Reach out to professionals in your field on social media.

Ask them if their practices are hiring. The worst thing they can tell you is no, and asking will at least get your name out there. While it’s true that not everyone will respond, you’ll get some hits.

Be Patient

The last tip we have for you applies to almost every job field. You’ve got to be patient. No matter how much reaching out you do, it could take years for you to get into cosmetic nursing.

All you can do is stay motivated and keep putting in applications.

Become the Best Aesthetic Nurse You Can

There are many ways that you can enter the exciting world of nursing. If you think that being a traditional RN isn’t the right path, you can become an aesthetic nurse.

Not only is it a lucrative career field, but it also comes with a great deal of satisfaction. Start hunting around for a nursing program today, and for more tips that will help you succeed, visit the Business section of our blog.