How to Build the Best Skin Care Routine for Your Needs


The average American woman spends $313 on beauty products every month, with a chunk of this change going on skin care products.

Caring about the appearance of your skin isn’t vain. Having a great skin care routine can boost your confidence as well as improve your skin’s health.

But the best skin care routine for someone else might not be the best one for you. Social media advertising and the wrong advice from friends can often do more harm than good.

Lucky for you, finding the perfect skin care routine for your needs isn’t rocket science. All you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide packed with tons of useful skin care tips.

Step 1: Find Out Your Skin Type

Before browsing the shelves of your local pharmacist, you need to know your facial skin type.

There are four main skin types:

  • Dry (skin is often flaky in areas)
  • Normal (not dry or oily, but can look dull)
  • Combination (mix of oily and dry)
  • Oily (skin is often greasy in areas)

To find out your skin type, wash your face with a mild cleanser and don’t apply anything afterward. Wait one hour and examine your skin’s appearance.

This test will give you a better idea of your skin type and what products you should be using.

Step 2: Choose the Right Products

It might feel like there are hundreds of types of products you can buy for your skin, but there are only ten main ones.

These are:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Exfoliator (night only)
  • Serum
  • Eye cream
  • Targeted treatments
  • Moisturizer (different for day and night)
  • Face oil/spray
  • SPF (day only)
  • Beauty masks (weekly)

If you have oily skin, choose an acid-based exfoliator and gel moisturizers. Clay beauty masks will help unclog your pores.

Those with dull or normal skin should try a retinol exfoliator and creamy vitamin C or rose moisturizers.

And if your skin is dry, opt for collagen beauty masks so you get these benefits which will hydrate your skin. You can also use eye masks if your eyes are looking a little puffy.

Step 3: Apply the Products the Right Way

You do not need to use all these products twice a day if you don’t want to! If you only want a basic skin care routine, apply these products in the following order:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Exfoliator
  3. Eye cream
  4. Moisturizer

You might need to double cleanse at night if you like wearing a lot of make-up.

Use a moisturizer with SPF for the day and a thicker moisturizer at night. You should still use a beauty mask after you cleanse once a week but the best skin care routine is one that you will be consistent with.

Finding the Best Skin Care Routine for You Takes Time

Your lifestyle, needs, and skin are unique. It may take some time to find the right products to create the best skin care routine for you.

But as long as you keep testing products tailored for your skin using this routine, glowing skin will reward your efforts in the end!

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