How to Choose Primary Care Physicians: Everything You Need to Know


25% of Americans don’t have a primary care provider.

Primary care physicians are a reliable go-to resource for healthcare needs. Normally, they educate, examine, and offer treatment services.

A few even go an extra step to help patients make crucial decisions regarding their health.

For these reasons, it’s paramount that you find a primary care physician you can trust. Look for someone you can openly talk to about your health. But how do you go about finding a trustworthy physician when there are so many options to consider?

Read on for our comprehensive guide on how to choose primary care physicians.

Obtain Recommendations From Family and Friends

Have you been stuck for months searching for the “best vascular surgery near me?” Obtaining recommendations from your friends and family members might come in handy.

One of the easiest ways to find a trustworthy physician is through recommendations from people you trust. Your friends, family, and colleagues are a good source of information.

Talk to them about physicians they like. Let them share why they like a particular doctor.

Again, you can ask your allied healthcare professionals for recommendations. Your dentist, optometrist, and physical therapist are all in a position to provide you with useful information about the best physicians.

Have a List of Qualities You Desire in a Doctor

Before engaging any primary care doctor, take time to set standards on the type of care you expect to receive. Some of the questions and ideas you should think through include:

• The location of the physician
• What kind of care quality are you looking for?
• Does the doctor have goals or standards they work towards?
• Do you need a physician with experience in a particular health condition?
• Do you prefer to visit a female or male doctor?

Again, it’s also important to consider the needs of family members you plan to include in your care plan. Talk to them about their preferences as well before making a choice.

Determine the Type of Physician You Need

There are different types of doctors, each specializing in a different type of care. The common specialists to choose from include family practitioners, geriatrics, and pediatricians.

Family Practitioners– a family doctor, is certified to care for people of all ages ranging from infants to the elderly. Before being certified, these doctors complete family practice residency and undertake tests to become board-eligible.

Geriatricians– geriatricians specialize in caring for elderly patients experiencing medical issues related to age.

Pediatricians– Pediatricians are trained to treat children from infancy through adulthood.

Internal medicine doctors (internists) – This category of doctors treats adults only and specializes in conditions that affect internal organs.
When selecting primary care physicians, it’s best to settle for a family practitioner, considering they care for the family.

Check With Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company should have a list of all in-network primary care physicians on their website. This list should be your starting point.

Confirm that the primary care provider you intend to hire is in-network with your insurance company and available for your plan. Seeing an out-of-network doctor is expensive.

Choose a Local Primary Care Physician

Suppose you plan to build a long-term relationship with your doctor; it’s best to choose a local service provider. Long drives for appointments become tiring with time, especially when you are not feeling well.

Look for a primary care physician with an office near your home or office. Again, ensure you consider convenience in terms of traffic and parking.

Also, inquire about the days the physician is in office. The best physicians are available round the clock and flexible enough to attend to patients over the weekend.

Consider Reputation

Now that it’s clear you should settle for local in-network doctors, how do you determine the best fit for you? The only way out is by turning to the internet for ratings and reviews.

Again, references from a doctor you see for special treatment like a cardiologist can come in handy.

References and reviews provide useful insights into the quality of care a doctor provides. It’s also an opportunity to learn about how the doctor’s office operates.

If there are complaints regarding poor customer service, it’s best to look for another alternative. Doctors need to offer excellent customer service to effectively handle emergencies.

Settle for a doctor with a five-star rating and a handful of positive reviews.

Check on Ease of Office Communication

You must also find a good primary care doctor that is easy to reach out to and interact with. When considering who to hire, look at whether there is someone to attend to your needs on time.

Take note of how quickly your call is received. Again, consider whether the receiver is courteous or not.

Verify the Doctor’s Background

At this point, you must have narrowed it down to two or three favorable doctors. Verify each doctor’s credentials and background to determine the best.

Check whether the doctors have a disciplinary record. Again ask for proof they are board-certified before making a hiring decision.


The final thing one should consider is the cost of hiring a primary care physician. Talk to two or three doctors about their service fees before making a hiring decision.

Comparing doctor costs should help you determine who is affordable. However, high cost does not guarantee excellent services. Similarly, low charges aren’t an indication you will receive poor services.

Therefore, base your hiring decision on the doctor’s capability and credentials.

Choose Primary Care Physicians With Ease by Following These Tips

There is no doubt choosing primary care physicians can be a strenuous exercise. The Unlimited choices make it difficult to select the best primary care physician for your needs.

However, it should be easy to choose primary care physicians through recommendations. Honest recommendations should steer you in the right direction on your quest for a primary care doctor.

Again, carry out background checks to be certain you are hiring a competent physician.

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