How to get your Lost Hair Back


Our hair and scalp require care, just like our body and health. Whenever we take our health for granted, it deteriorates, similarly whenever we take our hair’s health for granted, we end up losing them for good. But, once hair loss or hair thinning starts, there are a few things that you can do. On the other hand, there is a little more that can be done after your hair has fallen as much as they have to and when they have thinned as much as they have to?  There are many things one can do that will help bring back the lost hair, things like getting treatment, therapy, medicines, surgeries, etc.

So, if hair thinning and going bald bothers you, here is a list of things you can try to recommend your best hair transplant in Karachi clinic to restore your hair to its former glory.

Hair transplants for good hair regrowth:

There are two types of hair transplants which can give your scalp a boost so that new hair may grow from it. The two types of hair transplant surgeries are FUE –Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT –Follicular Unit Transplantation. Both these hair transplants work in almost a similar way. Both of them use hair follicles to make the balding patch fertile again; they both extract healthy and hair-growing follicles and plant them to the scalp’s balding part.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): in this procedure, single healthy follicles extracted from the scalp’s donor area with a sharp precession knife. Then these follicles are replanted into the recipient area after tiny cuts made into the scalp. This gold process is performed by a trained hair specialist in Karachi, who ensures that he cuts in the hair’s natural direction. In this way, the hair will grow strong and stable.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): in this surgery, the surgeon doesn’t extract individual follicles; instead, a whole strip cut out of the donor area. That strip is then divided into the separate follicle and replanted into the recipient area. This procedure is also called a strip harvesting procedure.

Non-surgical procedure for hair regrowth:

Now, as you have already learned about the surgical ways of acquiring your hair back, it is time to go through some non-surgical and alternatives to the hair transplant procedures. These ways are medically proven to work (mostly).


it’s a medicine that is also available under the names of Regaine and Rogaine. It is a topical treatment of hair thinning, which means it doesn’t need a prescription; it comes in liquid form to massage on the scalp. It increases the blood flow in the area of shrunken hair follicles and encourages them to regrow healthy hair once again.

Hair loss supplements

even though the hair transplant in Karachi price is not much, you should still do everything you can before going for transplant. A good thing to try is hair supplements as they might stop the hair thinning process (but can’t always stop it permanently). Whatever they do, they will ensure that your hairs get all the nutrition that they are missing, which causes balding and hair thinning.

Hair loss shampoo

These products are not a permanent solution for hair damage. The best thing that these shampoos can do is make your hair a bit volume-y until you use them. But, the effect will be lost as soon as you stop using the shampoo.

ATP Marking

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation is a technique that uses tattoos to make your scalp look like it is freshly shaven. Your head will look as if it is very closely shaven. This technique is ideal for people who don’t have healthy follicles for transplants. One ATP will last for six years.

These were some of the ways which will get you your hair back. So, try these techniques and hope for the best!