Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Hand Sanitizers in India


According to the WHO, it is essential to use the alcohol-containing preparations like liquid, foam, or gel to inactivate microorganisms. With the outbreak of the COVID-19, it is becoming extremely essential to suppress the growth of the coronavirus. Alcohol-based sanitizers work fabulously with their active ingredients to curb the growth of the virus.

In this article, you will come to know more about the reliable supplier and manufacturer of sanitizers in India namely the Join Hub Pharma.

A great manufacturer in the field of medical products

The leading pharmaceuticals, namely Join Hub Pharma is most valued in the fields like trading, manufacturing, and supplying the range of Pharmaceutical products in India. Each of them complies with the highest regulatory standards.

With the dedicated support of its team, it has qualified in developing high-quality generic medicines. Each of these medicines is shipped in bulk to provide high quality as well as cost-effective solutions.

Besides some other products, the company is developing alcohol-based hand sanitizers that comprise of Ethanol, Isopropanol, n-propanol and a combination of some other products.

The best sanitizer manufacturer in India produces alcohol hand sanitizer to disrupt the cellular metabolism of the germs and viruses. The manufacturing tram pays attention to using a higher concentration of alcohol in the antiseptic hand sanitizer. 

To immediately respond to the viral attack, each of the ingredients plays a vital role in fighting against the virus. The professionals pay attention to using the appropriate amount to resist bacterial infection. Moreover, a combination of alcohols also has a synergistic effect. 

Feature of these sanitizers:

  • The professionals from this hand sanitizer company prepare the hand sanitizers by using the on-the-go method of cleaning hands.
  • They are effective in controlling and preventing diseases. They are prepared from alcohol-based solutions to kill a broad spectrum of virus bacteria and some other germs. All you need to do is to use a bit of the hand sanitizer with water to give 95% protection against the infectious disease.
  • Each of these sanitizers is tested properly before shipment. The technicians ensure that the ingredients bear quality standards and manufactured under the supervision of skilled technicians. With the use of the advanced technological process, the products are guaranteed to comply with international standards. 
  • The main ingredient is isopropanol that works as a disinfectant to curb the growth of bacteria and viruses
  • These sanitizers work as a practical backup when you do not have access to soap and running water
  • Each of these products has at least 60% alcohol to reduce the growth of germs. These sanitizers are 100% safe and gentle for use on the skin 

A huge range of products 

From the hand sanitizer manufacturer, you will get a range of hand sanitizers to maintain proper hygiene even in your day to day life. They are effective enough to keep away infections and other health issues. The hand sanitizer price is quite affordable. The categories include alcohol-based, liquid-based, non-alcohol-based, special sanitizers for kids organic or herbal sanitizers, to name a few. You will get the overall benefits with the range of herbal and organic products as well. The alcohol-based sanitizers are customized which lets the brand stand out of the crowd.

Overall benefits:

1. stops the spread of germs.

2. Promotes good health

3. It lowers the chance of virus speed and the development of infections.

4. Takes less time for cleaning

5. Excludes all the bacteria.

6. Keeps the hands soft & smooth 

Why Choose Top Hand Sanitizer Supplier in India?

The manufacturers, wholesalers, hand sanitizer suppliers, retailers, and distributors ensure that the sanitizers are applied to fit the necessity in day to day lives. You can use them in houses as well as commercial places.

We are a standard pharmaceutical company in India that maintains its quality. The approved medicated hand sanitizers are clinically tested and are guaranteed for their effectiveness. There are an enormous range of products that are finding growth in the present markets.

The best hand sanitizers are approved by ISO, GMP, and WHO. The products undergo specialized services to ensure satisfaction to the customers and associated client. Team of experts, pharmacists and suppliers work tirelessly on the range of products to fulfil the demand of the current market in India. They make use of chemical-free products that are skin-friendly and does not irritate. Moreover, they are affordable with a mild fragrance.

Where we are well known among the customers because it does not use chemical ingredients for creating a strong fragrance. The delivery is done in PAN India with 24 hours customer service. An increase in the infectious disease has motivated them in preparing sanitizers to fight 99.9% of the disease-causing microorganisms.

It’s time to keep the Hand Sanitizers in handy

These days, sanitizers find importance in every place. Even in the unavailability of soap and water, you can use the sanitizers to protect against germs and other viruses.

The sanitizers work effectively to keep your hands moisturized while fighting germs. The portable easy to use and non-time-consuming sanitizers can find a use for reducing the chances of illness. So, you should always keep a sanitizer with yourself.

Final word:

A pinch of these sanitizers is enough in getting rid of the germs before they spread to other parts of the body. However, it is good to remember that you should not use them on dirty hands. The infection-free formula only works on clean hands. Apply a bit that is enough to cover your hands. Rub your hands until they are dry to get all the benefits of the ingredients. So, stay tuned with Join Hub Pharma to get a range of disease-fighting sanitizers and other medical products.