Swedish vs Therapeutic Massage: What’s the Difference?


You’re stressed, your muscles are tight, and your body feels tense.

A massage could be just what you need to relax and rejuvenate your body. But there are several kinds of massages available, and they don’t all offer the same benefits.

Two of the most common types of massage are Swedish-style massage and therapeutic massage. For your body and personal needs, find out the difference between Swedish vs therapeutic massage and which is better for you.

Similarities of Swedish and Therapeutic Massage

Both Swedish and therapeutic massage styles can leave you feeling refreshed. They both aim to improve the way you feel, both inside and out.

Both types of massage therapy look fairly similar. You discuss areas of the body you want to focus on, and then you lay on a massage table.

Then, the massage therapist uses their hands, fingers, and arms to massage different parts of the body. In either massage type, they may also use oils and lotions.

Like many other types of massage, Swedish and therapeutic massages usually last around an hour total. This is typically enough time to relax and loosen up different parts of the body.

Differences Between Swedish vs Therapeutic Massage

Though there are similarities between these two types of massage styles, there are also some big differences.

The biggest difference is that Swedish massage is a more relaxing type of massage, while therapeutic massage goes deeper into your muscles.

Swedish massages are gentle, with light strokes and little pressure. They’re ideal for those who just want to unwind. A Swedish massage may also be a great choice for those who are more sensitive to strong touch.

A therapeutic massage involves stronger pressure to break up knots and tension in the muscles. These massages, as the name suggests, can be a form of physical therapy. They can help relieve pain, as well as improve range of motion.

For these reasons, therapeutic massage is often used by athletes. But even non-athletes who must care for their body can greatly benefit from therapeutic massage.

For example, models (or those who want to look like a model) can try Lypossage, a special form of therapeutic massage that may help to contour the body. You can find this type of massage treatment at allentherapeuticmassage.com.

Benefits of Massage

Both types of massage offer some valuable benefits. They both work to increase circulation and improve immunity.

They also both offer a chance to relax, while also boosting energy in the body. Many people walk away from a massage feeling lighter, more relaxed, and less stressed.

When choosing between Swedish vs therapeutic massage, it’s helpful to know what result you need most.

If you are in desperate need of some slow relaxation, a Swedish massage may be the ideal choice. If you’re more focused on helping muscle pain and are comfortable with a more intense massage, try a therapeutic massage.

Choosing the Best Type of Massage for You

Getting a massage can be a great way to relax and release tension. But not all massages offer the same experience and benefits.

When choosing between Swedish vs therapeutic massage, choose the style that best suits you and your needs. That way, you can get the most out of your time on the massage table.

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