The Brief Injury Prevention Guide That Helps Those With Parkinson’s


More and more awareness has been brought to the struggles of Parkinson’s over the past years. Many have worked to spread awareness and fought for better Parkinson’s research. More people have an understanding of what this disease can mean for themselves or a loved one.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, you likely have the issue of injury prevention on the mind. It’s very easy to slip and fall when one has Parkinson’s disease and thus mitigating this risk becomes an important task.

What are some of the steps you can take to help remain injury-free? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Minimize Clutter & Maximize Space

Those who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease have a harder time maintaining gait and balance than others might. Removing risks around the house that might throw off this balance can be quite helpful.

Do a run-through of the home and remove all loose wires, items, and clutter that one might accidentally trip over. If you have rugs and other such items around the home, make sure they are kept flat and potentially are anchored down in some way.

Otherwise, they can be major risk factors. Ensure you have non-skid rugs in the bathroom and kitchen as well. If there are spills or leaks in either area, remove them immediately.

Don’t move furniture around too much and ensure you keep space open and available to move around freely.

Learn to Maintain Balance

Some of the work that will need to be done to avoid Parkinson’s disease injury is just a bit of practice. Remaining in optimal health will mean putting in the effort to learn how best to live with the disease.

Professionals like this expert trainer can work with those struggling and help them to better adapt to their new reality. Consciously lifting feet while walking instead of dragging, swinging arms back and forth, and always trying to keep one hand free.

Learning to take turns as wide U-shaped motions instead of quick pivots can also help a lot to avoid falls.

Install Handles and Rails

Want to go the extra mile to make your home injury-proof? It might be worth installing railing and handles at more risk prone-areas around the home to prove solid support while navigating.

Having a rail on stairs, in the shower, and around doorways can help to give an individual with Parkinson’s something to lean on, both literally and metaphorically.

This little bit of extra support could be the difference between a peaceful night and a serious injury.

Injury Prevention for Parkinson’s Patients

Aging adults who suffer from Parkinson’s have a lot to deal with. Taking some extra steps to protect ones’ self and aim for injury prevention can mean a lot. The above steps can be quite advantageous in aiming for this goal.

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