The Different Types of Dental Treatments That Are Performed Today


In 2019, nearly 65 percent of American adults visited the dentist for a procedure or a hygiene appointment. But, unfortunately, many people wait until they have a toothache or other troublesome symptoms before scheduling a visit with the local dentist. Thus, it’s no surprise that people often need dental treatments.

Have you ever wondered what the most common dental procedures are? If so, keep reading as we tell you about some of the most popular treatments in the dental industry!


Often, toothaches are caused by cavities and decay, which your dentist can repair with a composite filling. To determine whether or not you have any cavities, your dentist will examine your mouth and take x-rays.

If you have a cavity or crack in your tooth, your dentist uses a drill to get rid of any decaying tissue inside the tooth and cleans it with water. Then, they will seal the tooth with a filling. Nowadays, most fillings are made of resin and match the color of your natural teeth, so they blend in perfectly.


If a tooth is badly broken or decayed, your dentist will restore it and prevent further damage with a crown. However, crowns are sometimes used for cosmetic purposes to improve the tooth’s appearance.

This procedure takes two different visits to the dentist most of the time. The first is to prepare your tooth for the crown and take molds or images.

Then, the laboratory will make your crown and send it back to the dental office using these molds and scans. Once it arrives, your dentist will cement it to your tooth.


Unfortunately, fillings and crowns can’t save all teeth, especially when severely decayed. So, if this is the case, the dentist will have to extract your tooth.

And, often, dentists extract wisdom teeth that have no space to push through the gums.

Even though patients may feel uneasy about having their tooth removed, it’s a simple procedure. And, later, your dentist may recommend an implant to restore the missing tooth.


Nowadays, many adults use braces to correct their smiles and improve their appearance. However, people use orthodontic treatments to enhance their oral health in many cases. Crooked teeth can make it harder to take care of your teeth, especially if they are crowded.

Thus, braces or treatments like Invisalign are a practical way to get the smile of your dreams and better your dental health!


Some people think that dentures are only for the elderly, but they can restore anyone’s teeth. For example, if you have lost several teeth, you could use dentures to regain the normal function of your mouth, especially if you aren’t a good candidate for implants. You can discover more on this here!

Dental Treatments

As you can see, the best dentist can employ a wide variety of dental treatments to solve nearly any type of oral issue. So, if you are struggling with uncomfortable symptoms, be sure to schedule an appointment so you can ask the dentist what procedure they recommend.

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