Top 3 Most Important First Aid Supplies You Should Have

First aid medical kit on wood background,copy space,top view

We can never predict when an emergency will arise. After all, the emergency room sees about 130 million patients per year. Those visits mean people experienced an injury that requires medical attention.

One of the best ways to prepare for these situations is to have a first aid kit on hand. By doing so, you ensure medical aid to yourself or someone else while emergency services make their way to you.

But what exactly are first aid supplies? After all, countless injuries can arise unexpectedly.

While that is true, there are three top supplies to ensure first aid safety for everyone. To learn what they are, keep reading this article. 

1. Bandages

One of the most critical parts of first aid kit supplies is bandages. You want to have a well-stocked supply of adhesive tape, gauze tape, gauze pads, and roller tape.

That is because you never know what type of wound you might treat. Therefore, you must remain prepared with an assortment of bandages.

Having these items on hand will allow you to wrap wounds to stop bleeding, create a tourniquet, and protect the exposed flesh from outside bacteria. 

2. Cleaning Supplies

Along with bandages, you want to keep cleaning supplies in your first aid safety kit. These include things like hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and antiseptic wipes.

These are necessary to clean out gashes, cuts, scrapes, and lacerations. You want to sterilize the wound so that the area is free of germs or outside bacteria.

If you do not do this before wrapping, the person might experience an infection. You can find a variety of cleaning supplies on

3. Medication

If anyone you know requires medication or allergy treatment, always keep these in your kit. Sometimes, people run out of their meds before they realize they need a refill.

Other times, they forget to take their prescription. If you have a few of these saved up in your first aid kit, you can offer it to the person until they get to the pharmacy. When it comes to allergies, you want to ensure you have EpiPens on hand.

These will serve to keep someone from going into anaphylactic shock and possibly save their life. If you run a business, you want to ensure you know what everyone requires.

To do this, have people fill out an anonymous form stating they need medication or allergy pens. That way, you keep their medical information confidential while still knowing what items you require to keep your employees safe. 

For More Tips on First Aid Supplies 

While the list for first aid supplies is inexhaustible, these three items will always come in handy. Remember, you want gauze or bandages in case someone experiences a cut or scrape.

You will also want to add ointment to clean out a wound and prevent infection. If you decide on making a first aid kit, do not forget to incorporate the items above into your list. If you want to know about more supplies or information on first aid safety, we have more articles available to read on our blog.