Top 5 Tips For Stress and Anxiety Management


As with most other things concerning the way you feel and why you feel them, stress and anxiety are both negative feelings that can be placed on a particularly large spectrum of severeness. Perhaps you sometimes feel stressed before or during a certain event, or maybe, more seriously, you suffer from anxiety on an almost daily basis.

Whatever the root of your feelings of stress and anxiety are (and maybe you don’t even know the cause yourself), it is important to be aware of your personal triggers and, perhaps even more importantly., proactively try to keep them in proverbial check.

With that being said, here, for your information, are the top five tips for managing your personal levels of stress and anxiety.

1.   Write Down Your Feelings

One of the easiest and quickest ways of alleviating that overwhelming and deeply troubling feeling of having far too much to do and nowhere near enough time to do it in is to write absolutely every single thought you possibly can down on pen and paper.

The physical act of writing everything down is a therapeutic way of essentially proverbially emptying your brain of everything troubling you and allows you to start again with a fresh and clean slate.

2.  Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Obviously, no one is claiming that the presence of indoor plants in and around the home is going to cure depression, but it is scientifically proven, however, that the more natural, pure, and fresh the air is in which you breathe, the greater effect it has on the mind.

Choose easy to care for indoor plants which require little to no maintenance and place them in the rooms in which you spend the most time, most likely your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

3.   Treat Yourself To A Professional Massage

There is no more relaxing feeling than laying back and indulging in a full-body massage.

Massage sessions are fantastically relaxing not only for your physical body but your mind and soul as well, and many people who suffer from acute stress and anxiety regularly book an appointment with an expertly trained masseuse, like one from the highly renowned

4.   The Power Of Deep Breathing

Obviously, the act of breathing is one that every single human and animal, for that matter, does as a matter of natural instinct, and it is rare to actually spend a minute or two solely concentrating on the rhythmic nature of each intake of breath.

Focusing on controlling your breathing and, what is more, taking deep and steady breaths of fresh air in and slowly releasing through your nose is one of the easiest ways to reduce your overall stress levels. Essentially, this is because the intake of breath at a slower and more controlled pace sends specific signals to the brain

5.   Natural Supplements

There are several different supplements that have been proven, time and time again, to promote considerable anxiety and stress reduction.

Such supplements include green tea, which can increase the levels of serotonin in the brain; ashwagandha, which is a herb used specifically to reduce anxiousness, and kava kava which has been used to treat anxiety and stress for some years in the US.