What Are the Three Most Common Types of Blood Pressure Medication?

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Looking for the best options to lower your blood pressure? High blood pressure is a common health problem that, if not taken seriously, can lead to a lot of more significant issues. Thankfully there are plenty of options to combat high blood pressure and get it back to a normal level.

Whether you decide to go with blood pressure medication or changes in lifestyle can depend on your age, how severe your medical issues are, and your doctor’s recommendation. Either way, you have choices to help reduce your blood pressure and stay healthier later in life.

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Valsartan is one of the most common high blood pressure medications and works as an angiotensin II receptor blocker. It comes in a dose of 40 up to 320 milligrams. For high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, adults are usually recommended to take 80 to 160 mg a day.

Angiotensin II receptor blockers, also known as ABRs, prevent angiotensin IIs from binding with receptors, so the blood vessels cannot tighten. And due to the blocking of those connections, blood pressure lowers.


Metoprolol is also a very common high blood pressure medication and works as a beta-blocker. There are a lot of chemicals that stimulate your heart, and when those work too hard you can end up with higher blood pressure. Beta-blockers work to stop those chemicals from over-stimulation and help your heart to pump with less intensity and speed.

Because your heart is pumping less blood, your blood pressure is lowered. There are a lot of other beta-blocker medications that work to combat high blood pressure, including bystolic and acebutolol.

Valsartan and HCTZ Combination

There are several options of combination medications for high blood pressure that come at the problem from different directions. The generic combo of valsartan and HCTZ is often used and is comprised of an ARB and a diuretic respectively. Combination drugs are helpful if you need more than one medication to manage your blood pressure.

HCTZ in this combination is a diuretic, which on its own is common for blood pressure medications. Your body needs blood to help the kidneys process things like salt and water. A diuretic works to help the kidneys process any excess things so there is no more blood needed and thus lowering your blood pressure.

There are so many different blood pressure medication names and types it can be hard to keep them all straight. If you are prescribed or want to try blood pressure medication, talk to a health care professional about the pros and cons, and what might be right for you. Some medications can help treat other issues, and some might have side effects you may be more susceptible to.

The Best Blood Pressure Medication

The best blood pressure medication for you may not be the most common or most bought medication. Each person has a unique body that can respond to things differently, so explore all your options, including not going on medication but changing some of your lifestyle habits.

Working with a doctor helps reduce the risk that you end up taking something you don’t need or that you may respond poorly to.

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