3 Expert Tips for Growing a Lawn From Seed


Did you know that around 2% of the US is made up of lawns? That’s 49,000 square miles or about the size of the entire nation of Greece!

Lawn seeding might seem tricky at first glance, but with the right knowledge, growing a lawn from seed is a piece of cake.

Stick with us as we take you through a list of important tips on how to seed a lawn. Follow our guide and you’ll be staring at a luscious green lawn before you know it.

1. Prepare the Ground for Lawn Seeding

Seeding a new lawn takes a bit of preparation. Some folk sow seeds into any old patch of land and hope for the best. But if you want to enjoy a top-notch lawn, you’ll need to put in a little more effort and forethought.

Use 50% topsoil and 50% sharp sand. This mixture provides the best environment for the seedlings to stay safe and thrive.

Rake the mixture smoothly over so it’s even. You can take your time ensuring that you’ve got the mixture just right. It’s best to take these steps now because you won’t be able to change the composition of the soil once you’ve planted your seeds.

2. Spread Seeds Carefully

Now the ground is ready, it’s time to plant the seeds! Before you get to this stage, be sure to pick a variety that suits you well. While some would say grass is grass, there are all kinds of different seeds with different properties.

Depending on the exact variety of seed you’re using, the density might vary a little. Be sure not to sow too densely, or those little seedlings might not be able to get enough nutrients.

3. Look After Those Seeds!

Once the seeds are in the ground, you’ve taken the first step towards a beautiful lawn. But there’s more to come. If you don’t take special care of those vulnerable seedlings, they’ll never grow into the beautiful grass you’re dreaming of.

Don’t mow the lawn for at least three weeks after planting, as the seedlings are still tender and vulnerable and might not grow back if they’re cut too soon. Apply regular water to the lawn, but be sure not to drown your seedlings! If birds are feasting on your seeds, use landscape fleecing to cover the lawn until the seeds have germinated.

A lawn requires plenty of care throughout its lifespan, so you’ll have to pay close attention to your grass as long as you want it to stay healthy. If you’re looking for a hand, a great lawn seeding service like RDS Lawn Care can help.

May the Grass Be Green Wherever You Go

Follow these tips and you’ll be welcomed with the sight of beautiful green grass whenever you look out of your windows. You’ll be the envy of the whole neighborhood!

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on lawn seeding, and you’ll soon be staring at your verdant green lawn. If you’re looking for more informative content on all kinds of different topics, check out the menus at the top of the page for a variety of articles to enjoy.