4 Factors That Affect Indiana Homeowners Pumping Septic Tanks


About 25% of homes in the U.S. have septic tanks on their properties, while the rest use public sewage facilities to eliminate their wastewater.

Homeowners with private septic systems must care for their systems, and the main task they must complete is septic pumping services.

Pumping septic tanks is a service that empties a tank, allowing the homeowner to continue using the system. However, many Indiana homeowners have one question: “how often should I pump my tank?”

If you’re interested in learning the answer to this, you’ll need to know the top factors that affect the frequency of pumping services. Here are four factors that affect how often you should get your tank cleaned.

1. The Size of the Tank

How often should you empty your septic tank? The first factor to consider is the size of your tank. The average size of a residential tank is 1,000 gallons.

A 1,000-gallon tank is approximately 8-feet by 5-feet. You won’t see the tank because it’s underground, and your home’s plumbing system connects to the tank with a sewer drain pipe.

If your tank is smaller than this, you’ll need to empty it more frequently. However, if you have a larger tank, you’ll need to empty it less often.

2. The Household Size

The second factor to consider is your household size. A company that offers septic tank pumping in Indianapolis factors this into their recommendation for the frequency of cleanings.

A one-person household produces less waste than a four-person household. Therefore, larger households tend to need cleanings more often. Of course, it also depends on your tank size.

If your house has a lot of people living in it and has a small tank, you might need pumping services every year. However, with a larger tank, you might be able to go two to three years between pumping services.

3. The Water Usage

The amount of water you use also affects your septic tank pumping schedule. A septic system filters the solids from the liquids, but this process takes time.

If your household uses a lot of water, your system might not keep up with the filtering process. As a result, households with high water usage need cleanings more frequently.

One of the common signs your septic needs pumping is standing water in the yard near the system.

4. The Condition of the System

Finally, the condition of your system also affects how often you should hire a company for septic tank service in Indianapolis.

Older systems might need a septic tank clean out more often than newer systems, as older systems might not function as well. You can ask a septic tank pumping company to learn more.

Pumping Septic Tanks Is Vital if You’re a Homeowner

Pumping septic tanks might not seem like the most glamorous job in the world, but it’s a service that many homeowners need. When you keep your tank clean, you’ll avoid messy problems and costly repairs.

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