4 Signs You May Have a Pest Infestation in Your Home

Woman's Hand holding cockroach on kitchen background, eliminate cockroach in kitchen

Although not all pests are harmful to humans, they can still cause a whole slew of additional problems. Pests can breed bacteria, leave nasty droppings everywhere, chew on expensive furniture, or even ruin the structural integrity of your home. They certainly do not make the best first impression on incoming guests.

You have a pest infestation when there are too many pests in or around your home. Before calling a pest control company, make sure you’re dealing with the right culprit. Here are obvious signs you’re overwhelmed with pests and probably didn’t even know it.

1. A New and Unknown Odor

Since you live at home most of the time, you are probably already familiar with all of the smells it contains. If you stumble upon a strange smell, then it may signify the presence of unwanted guests.

Each smell is different, but they all leave behind noticeable odors.

Mice give off the musty smell of urine, while rat droppings often zing across your nostrils as the smell of ammonia. Cockroaches smell oily, and bedbugs smell nauseatingly sweet.

Putrid smells originate from dead pests and rotten food they leave behind. As these accumulate, so, too, do their overwhelming scents.

2. Unsettling Noises

You know you’re not alone in the house when you’re hearing faint scratches and the sound of scurrying claws. Pests may avoid human contact, so listen closely to detect any signs of a pest infestation.

Mice and rats will squeak as they scavenge for food. Termites will make banging noises as they chow down on your wooden structures. Cockroaches will zip across your kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Hearing sounds in your home from uninvited guests can leave a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.

3. Random Bite Marks on Your Skin

You would expect to get bitten when you’re out camping, but not within the safety of your own home. Pest invasions also carry with them itchy bites and rashes from their parties on your skin.

Mosquitos secretly drain your blood, leaving behind itchy, swollen skin. Bedbugs produce itchy lumps where they inject their venom. Various other bugs will leave their unique signatures on your body.

4. Damage to Your Home and Furniture

As your sanctuary becomes increasingly occupied, your new guests may damage the surrounding areas. Larger infestations mean more chances to harm your belongings.

Are there holes in your walls where there were none previously? Are those new gnaw marks on your furniture? Are your plants being eaten alive?

Pests will tear through the fabric in your curtains and clothing or stain them with their bodily secretions. Look closely to find more of these signs in areas hidden from plain sight.

A Pest Infestation Leaves Clues

Pests may have invaded your home long ago without your knowledge, but their growing numbers will inevitably reveal their presence. A pest infestation is one unpleasant situation for you to experience.

If you’re dealing with any unwanted pests, then it may be time for you to call a professional pest control service that can help you remove pests. Schedule an appointment today.