4 Trending Paint Colors That You Need to Use This Year


Think about where you wake up every morning. What do you see? Do you see generic white walls or outdated wallpaper from the previous owners? A paint color that makes your space feel small?

Color psychology tells us that color has the ability to affect our moods and feelings. The current paint colors in your home can shape your physiological reactions for better or worse. And they could be out of date and out of style!

In need of an update? Keep reading for our guide on the top trending paint colors of the year and discover how they can boost your living space!

1. Terra-Cotta

If you’re looking to connect to your roots and create a space that feels down-to-earth, look no further than terra-cotta. Terra-cotta’s clay-like orange and red hues bring warmth and depth to any space. If you dream of desert living, this is your shade!

Terra-cotta pairs well with a bohemian-inspired interior design, but works as a great pop of color in any space. If you like to decorate with house plants, terra-cotta compliments them beautifully to create your dream nature escape. From accent walls to elevated ceilings, it’s no wonder this earthy tone is on everybody’s interior paint trends list.

2. Green Hues

Did you wake up and realize how important green space is to our happiness in 2020? Bring the greenery inside with trendy green hues.

We’ve seen greens all over kitchen cabinets, adding a nice pop of color. You can opt for a bright, zesty green to bring the spice to the kitchen, or a soothing sage green for a calmer look.

Residential painting services can help you bring your favorite paint color trends to life — unless you think you can take on a big painting project yourself!

3. Yellow Tones

If you hear yellow and your first thought is kids’ bedroom or preschool, think again. Yellow may be a bright, loud shade, but it’s on-trend for its ability to add pops of color to any living space. And yes, it can be done tastefully.

If you want to go bold and try something new, a cheerful yellow is a great place to start. Try pairing a yellow with texture to bring depth to the bright color. And did we mention that Pantone’s yellow shade, Illuminating, is one of Pantone’s colors of the year? Get on it!

4. Ultimate Gray

The other color of the year from Pantone is their Ultimate Gray, acting as the softer, practical half to Illuminating’s loud yellow. Gray often gets a bad rap as dull or sleepy, but consider gray shades as dependable and able to withstand the trend cycle long term.

In other words, gray has a lot more potential to be a trendy interior paint than you think! You can contrast grays with bold hues like yellow for an optimistic but sophisticated look. If you’ve traditionally stuck to a black-and-white scheme and want to mix it up, consider gray as another reliable neutral!

Trending Paint Colors & Personal Aesthetic

Now that you have a sense of the trends, you can decide what works best for your living space. And remember, paint is temporary! If you don’t like what you see after a while, you can always switch it up. Make sure you let any trending paint colors act as a guide while staying true to your tastes!

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