5 Creative Ways to Decorate Your House With Indoor Plants

Plants in place in flower beds edging the stone patio

Did you know that 66% of American households have at least one indoor plant? And the trend with houseplants is not slowing down any time soon.

There has been a steady increase in indoor plant ownership since 2019. Demand for everything has surged since then, and to no one’s surprise, even houseplants have caused a bit of a buying frenzy. Plant-influencers, succulent moms, bohemian and natural d├ęcor enthusiasts, are driving the houseplant boom.

Do you want to get in on this trend and decorate your house with plants? If yes, we have you covered with five ways to bring in the green.

1. Use Statement Plants Like Large Cacti and Succulents

Large indoor cacti and succulents have architectural shapes and are linear, enriching the space around them in several ways. Plant them in tall or stocky ceramic pots and place them in a corner, entranceway, or to the side of an end table.

Use them to fill an empty wall space. Their height will take up vertical space without leaving a cluttered feeling.

2. Grow a Plant Collection

A great plant display idea is to build a plant collection. It’s simple. A plant collection is a group of plants placed together with a common feature or by preference. If you like how they look together, go for it!

You can always add decorative accent pieces along with your collection, or simply let the pots do the job. You can use uniform pots in the same color, or shake it up with a variety of colored pots with interesting details.

3. Use Your Bookshelves

Transform your living room by using your display shelves or bookshelf unit to show off your plant babies. Instead of staring at a shelf stuffed with books, decorating your shelves and bookcases with plants and plant-related artwork creates a more pleasant and calming atmosphere.

In comparison to a monolithic wall of books, a shelf with plants and picture frames has more spaciousness and dimension. It also adds visual interest to an otherwise monotonous area.

4. Decorate Your House With Hanging Plants and a Moss Wall

Using wall hangers for your plants is a great idea! Macrame’s plant hangers are a wonderful, economical, and simple solution for a more relaxed, boho vibe. They’re also great if prefer to surround yourself with natural textures.

And don’t forget your walls! The folks at Phillip’s Interior Plants can help you create a stand-out moss wall. It’s plant art for your wall, and it’s stunning!

5. Make a Terrarium

Terrariums are by far the most popular and best of all plant decorating ideas! Terrariums are popular because they combine the living element of the plants with the container’s ornamental features. Layer them with sand, soil, shells, and colorful pebbles.

Terrariums can be purchased ready-made or as kits. You can even build your own from the ground up, selecting each piece individually.

Have You Been Inspired to Use Plants in Your Home Decorating?

We hope you’ve decided to decorate your house or apartment with beautiful interior plants. Aside from making your home inviting, taking care of houseplants can be therapeutic and aid in reducing stress as well.

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