5 Popular House Plans Worth Looking At

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Around sixty-two percent of people are homeowners, with only thirty-two percent of Millennials owning a home. The rate of homeowners has steadily decreased since the year two thousand and four. Despite these numbers, most people dream of owning their own home and land one day.

The planning aspect of creating home designs is a part of the process that makes building a home so much fun. You get to curate the perfect space specifically designed for you and your family. The following popular house plans can give you some valid inspiration and ideas of what you can design for your house.

1. Small Ranch

A small ranch house is a single-story home with an open concept layout. They usually have a place devoted to at least one patio. Ranches are good starter homes as they are smaller and may not come with as much maintenance as a home with a basement would.

Even with a ranch home that has a low square foot volume, they tend to feel bigger as one room seamlessly flows into the next. Many ranches are simplistic and clean. They tend to be L-shaped, U-shaped, or long rectangular shaped.

This plan is cost-efficient due to the simplistic L-shaped build of the home. These homes feel inclusive and intimate while there still is plenty of room for each family member to do their own thing.

These builders can work with you to design you a unique ranch home.

2. Arts and Crafts Home

Arts and crafts homes are famous for embracing homemade, handcrafted design features throughout the house. The materials used are easily accessible to anyone wanting to build a home in this style. The style refers to an entire art movement that started as a reaction to the manufactured style of the Victorian era.

In architecture, lavish arts and crafts homes are widely sought after. There’s a large curb appeal to the rustic touch from these types of houses. There are many details added to arts and crafts homes that give them a unique and quirky touch.

The idea is to stray away from industrialized-looking houses. Instead, these homes bring an element of personalization that many are interested in having in a house. Your house’s space and environment are a reflection of the type of energy you’re bringing into the home.

With an arts and crafts house, you get this stylized and inspired house with interesting corners like a breakfast nook, eating bar, and mudroom. These homes may have lots of hidden spots tucked away that are joyous to show off to company or keep for private use.

3. Modern Farm Home

There are common elements amongst modern farm homes that include some of the following.

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Iron accents
  • Verandas
  • Vintage details
  • Barnyard doors
  • Large windows

A modern farm home differs from traditional farm homes because they provide a vintage, rustic feel while maintaining a clean and sleek atmosphere.

These homes often feature a veranda, large foyer, fireplaces, and cozy nooks throughout the house. Reclaimed wood is the structural base of these homes makes them have a cabin-like, cozy feeling without embracing the cabin style.

There tend to be lots of covered patio space and plenty of room for entertaining outdoors. A modern farm home welcomes an open floor plan while still having separate rooms utilized for their specific functioning.

4. Contemporary Home

Contemporary home designs tend to have asymmetrical features, geometric shapes, open floor plans, and usage of natural lighting. They have large windows with even glass doors as features throughout the house.

As you enter the large foyer, it takes you into an open floor plan. The immense amounts of natural light fill in the home, accentuating the large dining area and living room as you first make your way into the house.

The kitchen is usually close by, offering lots of space for company to be included if the kitchen is in use. Kitchen islands and glass windows add to this inclusive feel.

The layout for the bedrooms may be split-layout, giving the master bedroom a private and separate space. Bathrooms with separate tubs from walk-in showers accompany the bedrooms.

Contemporary homes feature lavish backyards with chaise lounging chairs, an outdoor fireplace, and a salt-water pool.

5. Mid-Century Modern Home

A comprehensive list of popular house plans would be incomplete without mentioning mid-century modern homes. These homes are very sleek, clean, tidy, and have minimal coloring.

The look is complete with huge windows, ceiling to the ground floor. Windows and sections of the home are typically split up with geometric, specifically rectangular-shaped, beams.

As the contemporary home embraces an open floor plan, so do mid-century modern homes. The floor plan has shared spaces all throughout the house. These houses tend to be very large, offering many possibilities to convert different rooms for entertaining guests.

The central theme around these homes is to give off an elegant feel while showcasing the seamless flow from room to room. Many rooms are really two or more areas in one. A kitchen may only be separate from the living room by the placement of a couch or kitchen bar.

Popular House Plans

With as many options that exist in modern times for house styles and floor plans, choose any among the popular house plans that suit your needs. Take into consideration what your family’s priorities are. Are you single and only need a small space for working from home?

Perhaps you have three children, entertain a lot, and would prefer a house that’s floor plan flows from one room to the next so you can always keep an eye on the kids. Whatever you’re looking for in a home, you can brainstorm and find the right house plan for you.

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