5 Rewarding Benefits of Aeration and Overseeding


Did you know that taking steps for proper landscaping at your home will increase your home value by up to 10 percent? If you’re trying to keep your lawn looking lush and green all year long then there are certain lawn care steps that you need to take. One of the best things that you can do for your lawn is schedule aeration and overseeding.

If you’re a new homeowner then it is possible that you’re thinking to yourself, “What is aeration, and what is overseeding?” Those are great questions that you deserve answers to so that you can start overseeding lawn at your home.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn more about the benefits of lawn aeration and lawn overseeding. Keep reading for more.

1. Reduction in Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is horrible for your lawn because it is difficult for your grass to take root and get the water that it needs to grow and thrive. Lawn aeration is the perfect solution to a compacted lawn because it allows water to get in and loosen the soil. It is also a great way to let the roots of your lawn work their way deeper into the soil to gain access to more water.

2. Better Seed Germination

If you’re looking to grow new grass in areas that are looking bald or patchy then you’ll love the benefits of¬†aeration and overseeding. You’ll experience much better seed germination if you get lawn aeration followed by overseeding for your lawn. Check out this webpage¬†to learn more about why you should schedule an aeration appointment.

3. Overseeding Means New Grass

Overseeding is also a great way to get a fresh start with your home’s lawn. Overseeding is one of the best things that you can do in order to promote new grass growing in your home’s yard. Not only will it promote the growth of new grass in your yard but it will also thicken areas that are looking a bit weak or sparse.

4. Disease Resistance

You’ll also invest in protection from diseases that will harm your lawn over the course of the year when you get aeration and overseeding for your home’s lawn. Using a variety of grass seeds will reduce the odds of getting a lawn disease that ruins your yard.

5. Weed Reduction

Some people fight a constant battle against the weeds that try to take root in their lawn. If you get help from a lawn care specialist with aeration and overseeding at your home then you’ll get rid of many of these pesky weeds.

Schedule Your Aeration and Overseeding Appointment Today

Getting aeration and overseeding for your lawn is essential if you want your yard to be the envy of the neighborhood. Not only will it boost your lawn’s resistance to disease but it will also cut down on the number of weeds in your yard. Best of all, it reduces soil compaction and allows your lawn to grow stronger.

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