5 Simple Tips for Furnishing a Bedroom


There is a lot going on when you first move into a house or an apartment, which can become even more hectic if you made the move while still working. That can mean you rushed through furnishing parts of your new home in the name of expediency.

Once you live there for a while, though, expedient choices like some fast furniture can start wearing on your sense of style. Are you tired of how your bedroom looks or maybe socking away bedroom ideas for a future redecorating project? Keep reading for five tips on furnishing your bedroom.

1. Right Size Your Furniture

One of the trickiest parts of furnishing a bedroom is right-sizing the furniture. Put oversized furniture in small bedrooms and it makes them look cramped. Choose smaller bedroom furniture for a large bedroom and it looks under-decorated.

Take some measurements in the bedroom so you know how much space you actually have to work with. If you’re not good at converting measurements on the page to a visual, consider using room design software to help you.

2. Cohesion

When considering your new bedroom design, keep cohesion in mind. An upholstered chair, varnished dresser, and painted nightstands can give the room a chaotic or thrown-together feel. Aim for some coordination in materials and finishes with your furniture choices to help tie the room together.

3. Don’t Neglect the Windows

Your window treatments aren’t just an afterthought, or at least they shouldn’t function as one. They can help tie together the room by complementing or contrasting with the dominant color in the room. If you designed the rest of the room in a particular style or in the vein of a particular period, the right style of window dressing can also help reinforce those choices.

4. Consider Some Artwork

Bedrooms often suffer from relatively bare walls. You may think there’s no point in hanging anything because only you’ll ever see it.

Yet, artwork provides an opportunity to add a splash of bright color to the room in a way that isn’t permanent. Or, you can hang something that just makes you feel happy.

5. Set a Budget

Much like other home improvement efforts, redecorating and furnishing a room can become wildly expensive if you don’t start with firm limits. Look for opportunities to save money on furnishings by shopping online at furnishing sites, such as Yourfurnituremarketplace.com. You can often find sales on the pieces you want.

Furnishing a Bedroom You’ll Love

When you first move in, furnishing a bedroom is often something you do in a hurry. You just want it done because you already spent tons of time on the rest of the house. When you go to change things up, give yourself some time to plan.

Take measurements and consider how things will fit together in the space. Settle on materials and finishes that provide some cohesion. Think about window dressings and artwork as a way to bring the room together.

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