5 Ways To Design The Best Mid-Century Home


When you strategically purchase vintage mid-century furniture designs, they can hold a more prolonged and more substantial value. Although there are various mid-century furniture designs in the market, people often resort to Ikea or West Elm. However, they aren’t only the best in the market. 

You need to look around to get unique and authentic ideas for a mid-century style home. There is no use spending vast sums on furniture or décor pieces that look vintage but do not have a long life. Therefore, look for factors that would make your purchase worth the money you spend. 

Here are some factors to help design furniture pieces and other décor accessories to suit your style.

Mid-Century Colors and Patterns

When you hit Long Beach, you would find plenty of chairs of modern designs and other furniture to heighten your home’s unique colour combinations. It is recommended to combine bright primary colours and sharp body lines for an eccentric look.

For example, a contrast of yellows, purples, blues, and reds help you make your furniture stand out in the room.

Mid-Century Manufacturers

Plenty of manufacturers out there are known to design mid-century style homes. Usually, these designers stamp their products on the bottom or the sides of the chairs and drawers or cabinets. So when you look up a particular brand on the internet, you can look up the stamp on the pieces to know its work.

Choose Bold Artwork

Aim for unique artwork and attention-grabbing to echo with the theme of the colours of your home interior. They need to compliment the entire setting of the interior. When you place the artwork in the centre of the wall, it becomes even more interesting than hanging it against a white backdrop. It is catchy and grabs the attention it deserves.

Accentuate With Lighting

When you are planning for a mid-century modern design, go for starburst lighting. It adds the wow factor to the entire setting of your home. You can use a statement shade to compliment that dining table or coffee table you bought from a mid-century furniture store. Pair the high metallic component of the furniture with silver lighting to make it stand out.

Mix Different Timbers

Aim for a combination of dark and mid-toned timber wood to add a casual look to the modern design of your home interior. Also, keep your walls and other accessories subtle to enable the wood to show its elegance.

Considering the modernised manufacturing methods, it has become easier to replicate the look and feel of any furniture style. Therefore, if you wish to implement the looks of mid-century furnituredesign, it would be considerably easy to do so. 

However, if you want an authentic vintage collection, you should go through the genuine vintage pieces available on the market. Finding the true collection can be difficult, but it won’t be a problem if you’re new to vintage collecting.

As you explore the various furniture pieces from the mid-century period, ensure to be critical about every detail that accounts for its look and feels. While it is normal to have a few wear and tear, they should not be severely cracked or scratched.