5 Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Space


In 2020, the pandemic caused record home improvement spending. Sales of outdoor lighting, garden equipment, residential paint, and power tools all went up.

And why wouldn’t you want to improve your outdoor space no matter what the rest of the world is doing? If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor area, you want it to be somewhere to hang out and relax.

But aren’t backyard renovations expensive? And don’t you need a keen eye for landscape design?

Don’t worry, these are some simple outdoor space ideas you can use to enhance your yard.

1. Take Care of Basic Maintenance

Everyone knows putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t make it pretty. And buying a cute outdoor swing won’t hide peeling paint or weeds growing around your deck.

Buy some paint (or hire a painter) to touch up your house’s exterior and garden fences. Pull up your weeds and dead hedges and recycle any potted plants that look beyond saving. Borrow or hire a power washer and hose down your deck and garden walls.

You could enhance your outdoor space in only one weekend and spend very little.

2. Prepare for All Four Seasons

Is the climate too rainy for you to use your backyard in spring? Is it too cold in winter or too sunny in summer? You can build outdoor features to transform your outdoor space into a versatile hangout area.

Invest in a patio enclosure to keep your outdoor furniture dry in wet weather. Or if you could do with some more shade, opt for a pergola with honeysuckle vines.

There are ways to use your outdoor space once the cold nights draw in, too. Buy a fire pit, hang some outdoor fairy lights, and find some blankets to create a cozy hideaway.

3. Get Passionate About Plants

Don’t forget about plants in your backyard renovation. They’re great for the environment and the local wildlife. Plus, they look pretty.

If you want to help the bees, plant lavender or berberis bushes. Keep them away from your patio if you have a phobia, though! Or, if you love cooking, you could plant herbs like thyme, sage, rosemary, and basil.

4. Create a Themed Garden

Want to create a unique outdoor space that will wow your guests? Pick a cool theme.

You could build an English lawn or a Japanese garden and buy outdoor furniture to match. Or, you could choose a more subtle theme like a wildflower garden or an exotic/tropical yard.

5. Choose a Fun Statement Feature

It can sometimes only take one big change to transform your space.

Try adding a hot tub, pizza oven, dining table, fountain, or wall of planters to your (clean) outdoor space. It will make your garden look cool and who doesn’t want to hang out in a backyard with a hot tub?

Level-up Your Outdoor Space With These Tips

Some people prefer having a social outdoor space so they can host lots of parties. Others like a relaxing backyard where they can escape.

Whatever your backyard dreams, these are ways you can enhance your garden so that it works for you.

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