7 Major Warning Signs that your Refrigerator is Broken


Finding out why your Refrigerator isn’t working as expected can be a frustrating experience. At worst, it’s even more challenging to determine if it’s broken. The frustration gives way to disappointment when you realize that your food is going wrong and eventually incur losses. However, don’t panic when your fridge is broken; repairable. Quality Appliance Repair Calgary LTD offers professional services, regardless of its make.

How do I know My Refrigerator is Broken?

Like everything else in life, when a fridge is broken, there are tell-tale signs you can put your finger on. Some of these signs may seem ordinary, but you need to get your fridge inspected to be sure. With that in mind, let’s discuss some of the signs of a broken refrigerator.

  1. A Rise in Normal Temperature

You will realize that your fridge is not cold enough when your food starts to go wrong. If the temperature in your fridge starts to rise, food in the freezer compartment automatically starts to defrost.

It is a clear sign that something is amiss. Another obvious indication is when you no longer feel a momentary chill when you open the fridge door. It can also mean that something is wrong with your machine. That’s why it is important to seek a quality appliance repair service to fix it.

  1. Food Spoilage Even When in the Refrigerator

It can be very annoying when food goes bad before its expiry date. It is a waste of money and could also be a possible sign that your Refrigerator has a problem.

Your food should not spoil if your fridge is set to the right temperature. Don’t take such a sign lightly, as you may end up spending more on repairs in the long run. A timely check and repair can keep your fridge in service and avert potential loss.

  1. Your Fridge is Loud

A loud fridge could mean many issues, among them being that something is up with the motor. Typically, refrigerators produce a humming sound as they operate. But, a louder clicking, buzzing, or hissing sound from your fridge could mean your appliance is faulty.

A silent refrigerator can mean that the compressor is broken. Sometimes the fridge may also go completely silent. If you suspect such a scenario, consider getting your fridge checked by a competent technician ASAP.

  1. Condensation Building Up

When condensation starts to build up, your fridge will appear as if it is moist on the walls. It happens if the fridge’s condenser coils are faulty.

Condenser coils are meant to keep the fridge cool. That’s why it can be difficult for the fridge to cool if the coils are damaged. Condensation can also cause mould to grow on the food stored in your fridge. Consuming such food could affect your health.

  1. Ice Build-up in the Freezer

Ice is bound to build up in the freezer compartment if your fridge has difficulty controlling its temperature. Most of the time, such a problem can be fixed by defrosting. If that doesn’t work, you might have a problem in your hands that only a qualified professional can resolve.

Plus, ice build-up could indicate that your evaporator coils are out or on their way out. In such a case, defrosting may not solve the problem. The evaporator coils- mainly responsible for the fridge’s cooling mechanism- can be hard to locate. In that regard, it is more logical to call an expert.

  1. The Motor Gets Hot

The motor is usually located at the back of your fridge. It should always be warm during regular operations. Now, when the motor turns hot, it could mean that your fridge is overworking. Not only is that a bad sign, but it could also increase your utility bill.

  1. Water on the Floor

A water leak from your fridge could be a regular occurrence. It can also be due to other issues that may not necessitate repairs. Unfortunately, a clogged or cracked defrost drain tube can be alarming. If you notice a lot of water continuously leaking from your fridge, consider calling in a technician for repairs.

Overall, every home appliance needs maintenance to last and serve you well. Your Refrigerator is no exception. Start with the most straightforward general maintenance tactics, such as cleaning. Consider sprucing up your fridge regularly to get rid of grime. In doing so, you could avert a potential breakdown.

Also, make sure the power supply to your fridge is stable. While at it, watch out for a misbehaving refrigerator, as it could eventually break down, leading to a costly repair bill.