7 Overlooked Quality of Life Essentials For Living In An Apartment


Choosing to live in an apartment is a big decision for many people. You’re giving up a backyard that you own, but you also don’t have to pay any homeowner’s association fees. You can easily have any maintenance issues fixed for free with a call to your apartment landlord, but you may not get to choose the appliances that you want in your apartment.

With various pros and cons to living in an apartment, there are still a few things that you need to have when living in an apartment to make it the best experience it can be. Apartment life can be awesome, but these essentials are a must!

Keep reading to learn about seven must-have things for living in an apartment.

1. Renters Insurance

Many apartments require that you purchase renters insurance when moving into an apartment, while other places do not.

Whether they require it or not, you should definitely consider getting this insurance just in case of anything unforeseen. If someone breaks into your apartment and steals your belongings, insurance can cover up to $10,000 of personal items and $100,000 liability coverage. The same goes for anything happening with a fire or destruction of the apartment from something else.

2. Plunger

If you have toilet issues, it’s pretty easy to get it fixed by calling your apartment maintenance hotline. However, you don’t want to ever find yourself in a situation where you have a backed-up toilet or an overflowing toilet because there was a little too much in there.

If that’s the case, you need to have a handy plumber right next to your toilet for any unforeseen emergencies! This is also something to have if you ever have guests over so they can deal with any issues without the embarrassment!

3. Kitchen Knifes

There is nothing worse than trying to cook without the right knives. By purchasing the right knife set, your time in your kitchen will be much easier and less messy.

You’ll have clean cuts for food and less chance that the knife will slip and cut something you don’t want it to (we’ll let your imagination run wild there for a minute).

You can choose from different varieties of knife sets that either sit on the counter or are hidden in a drawer! Be sure to also get a knife sharpener to keep your knives nice and sharp for the entire time you own them.

4. Curtains

Curtains may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to living in an apartment but can make the world of difference for your sleep patterns and decorations.

For your bedroom, if you get a lot of light in the morning you can invest in blackout curtains to get more sleep. This can also help with street lights or light pollution from cars coming into your window, which can disturb your sleep.

For your living room or dining room, you will want to add curtains to add some color or texture to the room. This can create a more homey and cozy vibe.

5. Laundry Basket

Before renting an apartment, you will want to purchase a laundry basket to hold your clothes. The type of basket you choose to get should be dependent on the space in your apartment and whether or not you have in-unit washers and dryers.

If you have to carry your laundry to the basement or to a laundromat, consider getting a laundry basket that ties and is easy to carry. If that’s not the case, the laundry basket just needs to fit in an area of your home that is convenient to you.

6. Key Holder

Nowadays, you need to have a key holder that holds your keys, wallet, and mask.

Apartment living can be a bit of a smaller space, so you will want to maximize your space to ensure you are decluttering the area. By using a key holder by the door, you will always know where they are, and you will be keeping your things consolidated and neat.

Try to choose a key holder that has rings for your masks and keys, but a space on the top or below to put your wallet and any other miscellaneous items like mail.

7. Full-Length Mirror

Of course, the bathroom will have a mirror (as most do), but you will most likely want a full-length mirror so that you can assess your outfits, make sure they match and check out how your shoes look with the top you picked out.

Without a full-length mirror, you may find yourself standing on the bench in your bathroom to try to get a look at your entire body. Not only is this annoying to do, but it could also end up being unsafe as well!

Get These Essentials for Living in an Apartment

Getting these seven essential items before moving and living in an apartment will change the way your experience of apartment living goes. Instead of having plumbing issues, not being able to see yourself in the mirror, or losing some of your most prized possessions since they are uninsured, you will be good to go if you find yourself in any of these situations.

By choosing to buy these appliances and products, you will be making your everyday life a bit easier!

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