7 Tips That’ll Make Doing Laundry Easier

Man Doing Laundry Reaching Inside Washing Machine

Are you new to doing laundry, or just want to know how to make your job easier? Are you wondering if there are tips that will make washing clothes a snap?

Laundry can be a bit time-consuming if you’re new to it. But washing clothes doesn’t have to be a painful chore.

Here are some of our favorite laundry tips for beginners.

1. Sort Your Clothes

As much as we’d all like to throw everything in on a “Cold-Cold” cycle, the longevity of your favorite items depends upon proper sorting.

Make sure you have one pile for lightly-colored clothes, including whites, light greys, and pastels. In the other pile, put anything with a bright or dark color. Finally, have a third color for clothes that are very dirty.

Depending upon your load, you may need to sort again. For example, you may need to separate your underwear from your sheets in the white pile. Or you may have to separate more delicate colored items from those that can stand a heavier cycle.

2. Choose the Right Detergent

You’ll need to choose your laundry detergent based on the type of laundry you do most often. For example, powdered detergents are the least expensive and they work the best on tough stains.

Liquid detergents, however, may work best on stains made from oil and grease. They may also dissolve more quickly. If you’re looking for a nice-smelling detergent, you’ll find lots of options in liquid form.

Finally, single-dose packs are the most convenient, but the most expensive option. They are pre-measured for an average load. So if you tend to do larger loads, you may need to use more than one.

3. Choose The Right Cycle

For most loads, a “normal” cycle will work. You’ll want to choose hot water to remove the body oil on sheets and towels, but cold water can help prevent staining and leaks with darker items.

Depending on your cycle, you may also want to choose a heavy load for towels or bedding.

4. Choose The Right Dryer Temperature

It’s important to put your clothes in the dryer at the right temperature. For more delicate clothes, low heat will work. This can help prevent shrinking.

Your normal cotton clothes and towels can usually withstand a higher temperature. Check out wash.com for more information.

5. Fold Quickly

Experienced laundry-doers know that the sooner you fold your clothes after the dryer cycle ends, the less likely they are to wrinkle. Do yourself a favor and get your clothes out of the dryer as soon as you can.

6. Clean The Lint Trap

It’s easy to neglect cleaning the lint trap after every cycle. But failing to clean the trap could clog the duct and cause a fire.

Make sure you also clean the filter at least once a year with a toothbrush and a small amount of detergent. Your dryer will thank you!

7. Dry Clean When Necessary

Clothes have a “dry clean only” label for a reason. Sensitive fabrics, such as silk, suede, and leather shrink and stretch easily. Protect your investment and find a dry cleaner you can trust.

Doing Laundry

You don’t have to dread doing laundry. With a few great tips, you could be on your way to fresh, clean clothes in no time!

Don’t stop getting smart about your lifestyle now. For more great advice, read our blog today.