A Quick Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

Modern kitchen with black furniture and wooden floor

From selecting flooring and appliances to light fixtures, your kitchen renovation requires a lot of decision-making.

Choosing the right cabinets can ensure that you have enough storage, and it sets the tone for the aesthetics of your cooking space.

Read on to learn more about selecting the right options in this kitchen cabinet buying guide.

Select the Cabinet Layout

When planning your kitchen renovation, start with the layout of the room, which includes your cabinets. Perhaps you want uppers and lowers, or maybe you’d rather have open shelving as opposed to closed cabinetry.

Look at your entire kitchen remodel as a whole, and sketch a few different layout options on paper. This will make it easier to plan out exactly where you want the cabinets to go, and how they’ll need to be placed.

In addition to the general layout, you’ll also need to determine the cabinets’ size. Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of sizes including uppers that go from above the cabinet all the way to the ceiling, depending on your needs.

Kitchen Renovation: Colors and Finishes

Today’s modern kitchen comes with a variety of unique features, including custom colors. Look at a variety of cabinets including both pre-made and custom options to help you find the right hue.

Darker cabinets may make smaller kitchens feel closed-in, while lighter tones can open the room up nicely. Try to get a few samples of cabinet colors to help you see what they’ll look like in your own home before you decide.

You will also need to pick out accents like door hardware and cabinet hinge types. Each component should work together to create a seamless, cohesive look. Be sure that your new cabinets match nicely with the flooring, wall color, and your appliances.

Don’t Forget the Material

The material of your cabinets plays a key role in their looks and functionality. Solid wood cabinets cost more, but they’ll also last for decades to come.

A cabinet with a clear glass panel allows you to showcase your favorite pieces, while acrylic cabinets are excellent for contemporary homes. Look at each cabinet material carefully, and get a feel for what it’s like in-person so you can determine the best quality and price point for your needs.

Most importantly, make sure you choose kitchen cabinets that will work for your budget. Custom and high-end cabinets always cost more, while pre-made or store-bought cabinets tend to cost much less. Don’t forget to think about added features like pot racks and sliding storage drawers, too.

Find the Perfect Cabinets

Keep these kitchen renovation and remodeling tips in mind when you’re ready to look for new cabinets. This is one part of the kitchen that you’ll use the most, so it’s important to make sure you select cabinets that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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