Add These Tasks to Your Fall Yard Cleanup Checklist


As the temperatures drop and the smell of pumpkin spice fills the air, you know what’s coming. That’s right; fall is here in all its glory.

But it’s not all color tours and cozy sweaters. The changing of seasons also means that you have some work to do to prepare for the winter.

As the leaves begin to fall, you’re going to need to spend some time cleaning up your yard. And there’s more to your fall yard cleanup list than you might realize.

So forget about watching football this weekend because you’ll be outside taking care of your property instead. Keep reading our fall task checklist below so that you can start preparing your yard for winter right away.

Rake Leaves the Easy Way

The most obvious is also the most time-consuming task. That’s because you often have to do this multiple times before all of the leaves are officially taken care of.

In early autumn, when there are just a few leaves on the grass, there isn’t a need to rake up the leaves quite yet. Just mow over them, and the wind will remove the scraps for you.

But as the bulk of the leaves begins to fall, you’ll need to take care of the leaves separately to protect your grass from being covered, lacking oxygen and sunlight.

If raking sounds like a drag, or if your yard is simply too big, be sure to pick up an industrial leaf blower. These make easy work of even the largest properties.

Don’t Forget the Gutters

Your yard isn’t the only place to collect leaves. If you don’t yet have gates on top of your gutters, you’ll want to inspect your gutters to ensure there isn’t any leaf and debris buildup.

Even if there aren’t trees above your roof, leaves can still make their way into your gutters. And make sure not to wait too long. Backed-up gutters can collect water, which can freeze when the temps drop too low.

Cleaning out the gutters is best done when the weather is still above freezing.

Prune Trees and Bushes

Fall is also the perfect time to prune trees and bushes as well. Trim back any overgrown branches that enjoyed a little too much summer growth.

Give your yard a nice, sophisticated look as you head into the winter. That way, in the spring, your plants will be ready to burst with fresh life.

Fertilize the Lawn

Many people make the mistake of only fertilizing and weeding their yards in the springtime. But if you want a healthy lawn year-round, without too much work, it takes seasonal care.

So in the autumn, you want to make sure to fertilize your lawn before the temperatures get too low. This gives your grass the nutrients it needs to make it through the winter.

Fall Yard Cleanup Done Right

So when should you clean your yard in autumn? It depends on the specific task, but most things on your fall yard cleanup list can be done in mid-autumn after most of the leaves have fallen but before temperatures drop too low.

Depending on how far north you live, that might mean mid-October, or it could be as late as early November.

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