Customize Your Home: 8 Great DIY Furniture Projects


Do your friends’ apartments make you jealous? Where do they find all this unique, stylish furniture and how do they afford it? Here’s what you need to know – you don’t need a big budget to transform your furniture.

Take a look at these DIY furniture projects and see the transformation with your own eyes!

1. Modern Wooden Shelves

Don’t overpay for shelves – it’s only a couple of pieces of wood after all. You can build your own shelves that are sturdy enough to put photos, books, or holiday decorations.

And the best part about DIY furniture makeovers is that you can customize the style and measurements. Choose from a variety of wood and brackets to design your dream shelves.

2. Two-Tone Bookshelf

Looking for DIY furniture projects for beginners? Start with a coat of paint on your old, tired-looking bookshelf. Two-tone paint is when you use two variations of a similar color.

In this case, use one for the shelves and one for everything else. You’ll be amazed at how a new paint job can refresh old furniture.

3. Wicker Chair Makeover

For this project, you won’t need many DIY furniture materials. Get a few feet of your favorite spill-proof fabric and cover the existing seat pillow or buy a new one. Try a fun, bright pattern to offset the natural color of the wicker chair. You can add to this project by making a few matching pillows too!

4. Change the Knobs, Handles

You probably didn’t give much thought to the doorknobs when you moved into your home. But changing these out for something exciting and modern can add a fun detail to a formerly boring household accessory. Check out these knobs handles.

5. Upholster Coffee Table

Do you have a plain, wooden coffee table? You can upholster the table yourself in a few hours! You’ll need a few pieces of essential equipment but you can find everything at a DIY furniture store.

6. Farmhouse Dining Table

Transform your dining table into a stylish, trendy farmhouse-style dining table. During this DIY project, you will attach wooden panels on top of your existing table and paint the legs to match!

7. From Drawers to Shelves

Before you get rid of that old dresser, take out the drawers. If you place them on their side, they make perfect box shelves to display anything you like! Safely attach to the walls with the handle side down or up.

8. Dresser to Hutch

Remember that dresser you removed the drawers from? You can repurpose the base of the dresser too! Attach doors and use the existing platforms as shelves! Paint it, stain it, or leave it as is for a decorative form of storage.

Yes You Can DIY Furniture Projects

Now that you have a few DIY furniture projects to choose from, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get started! Be sure to read instructions for each project and use all recommended safety equipment.

Furniture makeovers don’t have to cost a fortune, use DIY furniture ideas instead! Check out the other articles on our site for lifestyle, business, and fashion tips.