Debunking the Latest Cleaning Industry Myths That Exist Today


Most people encounter 60,000 germs every day, which shows how crucial maintaining a clean home is as it reduces the risk of illness.

We rely on the cleaning professionals to have the right equipment and experience for the job, but like most industries, myths are bubbling beneath the surface. Perhaps you’ve heard strange remarks about cleaning recently and you want to clear things up.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to debunk the main myths of the cleaning industry.

“Natural Substances Are Not Chemicals”

Even the best home cleaners have heard this one, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless of whether there’s “safe” slapped on the packaging, chemists know that all substances are chemicals.

But it’s the responsibility of cleaning services to handle ones that aren’t extremely toxic like arsenic or strychnine.

“Cleaning and Disinfecting Are the Same Things”

Expert cleaners understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting, which are both incredibly different. For instance, the former is when you remove physical dirt such as grime, dust, or food debris.

In contrast, disinfecting is when you use chemicals to eliminate these germs. As a general rule, you clean before disinfecting, so the cleaning agent has direct contact with the surface.

“Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents Don’t Impact Natural Water Supplies”

Professional cleaners hear this statement so often. Although it may put the consumer at ease, eco-friendly cleaning products do hurt nearby bodies of water like rivers and lakes.

Know, all detergents or soaps are toxic to aquatic life, so don’t be mislead by “green” companies.

“Disinfectants Work Instantly”

The best cleaning company knows that disinfectants don’t work instantly. Depending on the strength and the manufacturer’s instructions, wait at least 30 seconds for it to work.

Avoid wiping the solution away too soon, otherwise, it won’t kill enough bacteria, putting the homeowner or team at risk.

“String Mops Are Effective For Removing Dirt and Germs”

Does smart cleaning include a string mop? The answer: no.

Swap it for microfiber mops as they are more effective at cleaning up big spills. Plus, they harbor fewer bacteria, making it a win-win. The same goes for feather dusters, always choose a microfiber one instead as it’s more efficient.

“Vinegar Cleans Everything”

Sure, thanks to vinegar’s acidity it can cut through grime. But it’s important to note, you must use it at nearly full strength. You’ll find hundreds of blogs that encourage readers to mix it with a bucket of water, but this makes it far less effective.

Also, avoid using white vinegar on natural stone or wood as it will destroy them.

Learn About the Cleaning Industry Myths Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know which cleaning industry myths to ignore.

Know that all substances are chemicals, eco-friendly products aren’t as safe as you think and use microfiber products as they’re the most efficient. And be wary about using vinegar on certain surfaces. Happy cleaning!

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