Debunking the Most Common Home Shower Myths That Exist Today

Bathtub and shower in new luxury home

Did you know that 69% of homeowners were updating or getting ready to remodel their bathrooms recently? Many were inspired to create a more restful, spa-like space and others wanted bigger showers and more. But no matter what the reason, updating your shower is a good investment that can add value to your home.

Have you been thinking about renovating your bathroom, but are getting conflicting information about it? There’s been a lot of confusion amongst homeowners recently. Check out his guide that helps debunk the most common home shower myths that exist today.

Bathroom Renovations Require a Room Expansion

One of the first myths that need to be dispelled is that you must add space to a bathroom before you can renovate it. You can do a lot with a small space, and a bathroom layout is easy to reconfigure. And there are many things that can be changed like lighting and the color scheme that can make a room feel bigger than it is.

Steam Showers Are a Complicated Luxury

For many homeowners, one of the top items on their shower remodel wishlist is a steam shower. But there are some misconceptions about how expensive it is, and how easy they are to install. In fact, there are many models that are reasonably priced and are simple to put into any size bathroom shower.

Plants Don’t Belong in Showers

Have you ever dreamed of having a lush rainforest of plants in your bathroom? Luckily, plants do grow in showers since many types thrive in the humidity. The trick is getting the right kind that will match the amount of light and space in your residential shower.

You Must Use Tile

While tile is an obvious choice for bathrooms and showers, there are other options out there that can be fun and functional. Take the time to explore other materials like marble, concrete, wood, etc. You can create a unique and stylish space by thinking outside of the box.

DIY Home Shower Reno Is a Good Idea

Unless you are a construction industry professional, it’s not the best idea to DIY bathroom renovations. Plumbing, lighting, and other areas can be tricky to execute and the potential for issues is huge. Instead, get the help of a professional company like Virginia Shower & Bath that can help make your bathroom dreams a reality.

Learn More About Showers

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on some of the biggest home shower myths, maybe you will be inspired to learn more about showers and apply that knowledge to your own space. You can be creative and use unique materials in your new bathroom and add interesting touches like plants. But while it may be tempting to make it a DIY project, for a job that substantial it’s best to use a professional company to do the renovation.

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