Everything You Need to Know About Using Cedar Wood


When you think of cedar wood, your first thoughts probably go to a decorated Christmas tree or the name of a scented candle. Though these are impressive, it’s a very incomplete list of what cedar wood can do.

Cedar is a type of tree that’s an evergreen (that means it doesn’t lose its foliage) and is a hardy wood source. In fact, this tree is so durable and yet flexible that it’s used in many of the wood-based products that you interact with. Whether it’s in the house or at work, cedar wood is all around you and continues to be a major source to build modern structures.

For this reason, you’ll want to consider using cedar for your home design. Keep reading to learn more about cedar and why it’s perfect for your needs!

What is Cedar Wood?

Cedar is a tree that, in many ways, is comparable to pine. First of all, though the tree itself is quite hardy, the wood is rather soft. This makes it easy to cut and mold into the shape that you desire.

Secondly, cedar wood is known as a stable wood, meaning it isn’t prone to cracking or swelling due to changes in temperature or exposure to moisture. This makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor needs, including cedar wood planks, cedar wood chips, and even cedar shingles.

A bonus to using cedar is that it has a material known as thujaplicin. This mineral is an antibacterial and antifungal agent, and it’s also what creates the distinctive smell. Certain types of cedar, such as Spanish cedar, also have the ability to repel insects. This makes it great to use in closet spaces, where bugs and fungus are likely to try to damage your clothes.

The Best Uses for Cedar Wood

As we’ve mentioned earlier, cedar can be used for just about anything. However, there are some aspects of the house where it stands out better than others. For example, cedar wood planks look fantastic when used as flooring for the home. The natural color and gradient stand out on their own, and most homeowners simply stain the wood to preserve it.

Since cedar has the ability to reduce noise, it’s also great to use in areas where there’s a high level of traffic or environmental noise. Placing the wood around the exterior of your home will make things quieter and more peaceful fo you and your family.

Now that you know about the wonders of cedar wood, you’ll want to make sure you get yours from a source you can trust. Take time to find professionals who specialize in cutting cedar and other exotic wood parts for a good price. You’ll have your house looking amazing before you know it!

Use Cedar Wood to Make Amazing Things

Cedar wood really can make amazing things, and now you know what to expect from this impressive tree. Be sure to take a look around our site to learn more ways you can stay in the know and live your best life!