Get Summer Ready With Air Conditioner Maintenance


Did you know as a homeowner, there are a few ways you can save on your air conditioning bill this summer? Pay attention to AC maintenance. If you need some tips on air conditioner maintenance, we can help.

In this guide, we will spend time going over what you should do as a homeowner. You can prevent expensive repairs by inspecting your AC unit often.

Want to learn more? Keep reading, and get ready for summer.

You Should Clean the External Unit

There’s a condenser on your HVAC’s external unit. The condenser is one of the essential parts of your system. You will need to inspect it often and look out for issues.

The condenser is usually outside the system, but sometimes, it will get placed in the attic or garage.

The condenser creates heat transfer. It cools air blown inside the system and sucks out the warm air from the house. A condenser tends to have copper tubes, and the tubes get covered by a foam layer.

Turn off the power before you clean the external unit. You can remove the breaker or move the switch to the off position. Turn the power off to the AC on your main electrical panel if you find this problematic.

Condenser fins are where the debris will get stuck. Spend time cleaning these areas carefully. You can use a paintbrush to remove the debris away slowly.

Clean the finer debris with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment. Keep the surrounding area free from plant growth.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is an important tool to have. You can use a programmable thermostat so you can set temperatures for your home throughout the day. You can lower the temperature when you need it.

You’ll also end up saving money.

Do You Need to Unclog the Condensate Drain Tube?

Have you noticed water forming around your furnace when the AC runs? You might have a clogged condensate drain tube. Condensation from AC coils contains bacteria that form slime and end up clogging the tube.

Keep the tube unclogged and inspect it often.

Do You Have the Right AC Unit?

AC units will get sized to the cubic feet they will cool. When you buy a new AC unit, you should consider the size of your house.

If you renovate your home and expand it, you might need a larger AC unit. Otherwise, your current AC unit will work super hard and wear out.

Inspect the Wiring

The internal connections of your AC unit are critical to its operation. You should check the wiring at least once a year. You should also look below the AC unit’s access panel.

You should look for any signs of overheating. Melted insulation on wires or burned-looking wires reveals an overheating problem.

You should also inspect electrical connections to ensure they remain tight. If you do own an electrical test meter, inspect the unit’s capacitors.

If you end up noticing some issues but don’t know how to fix them, call in an expert.

Examine the Air Conditioner Fins

Sometimes, the HVAC fins will get coated with dirt and gunk, and it’s not easy to clean it off with a brush. You can use a dinner knife and scrape away the debris on the fins. You should also gently reshape bent fins.

Look at cleaning the fins by spraying them with water. You could use a garden hose and a nozzle to remove dirt that you didn’t get before.

If your fan motor doesn’t have sealed bearings, you should also check the lubrication. Consider putting a few drops of electric motor oil on them. Don’t get any water on the fan motor.

Clean the Condenser Fan

The condenser fan will gather a lot of debris and dust. You should clean the fan often. Otherwise, leaves will get stuck inside.

Wipe the condenser fan down with a damp cloth before letting it dry in a sunny spot.

Clean the Internal Unit

The evaporator unit installed indoors will cool or heat the air inside the house. It will work well with the AC or heat pump and control the interior temperature. You might need to clean the internal unit of your system.

An evaporator coil can get dirty over time. Make sure you clean it often, so it remains efficient. A dirty evaporator coil will end up affecting how fast the system heats or cools your home.

Work With an HVAC Technician

Call an HVAC professional if you don’t have time to complete air conditioner maintenance. You can get a technician to come in and handle your ac maintenance.

Preventive measures will keep your system working well. You won’t spend time worrying about a broken system this summer.

Look for a local company to help. Check out Lex Heating and Air because they work in commercial and residential HVAC.

You should also call in a technician to inspect your AC unit at least twice a year.

Don’t Forget About Air Conditioner Maintenance

We hope this guide on air conditioner maintenance tips was helpful. As a homeowner, try and remain on top of regular AC maintenance.

You can avoid some expensive repairs if you inspect your system often. Call in a professional if you don’t have time.

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