How Do I Choose the Best Waterproofing Company in My Local Area?


Does your basement look more like a pond than a room in your house?

Improper insulation of basements means they are the first to flood with water during storms, pipe bursts, and backflow from the streets. If not taken care of right away, water can lead to the growth of mold and wood rot.

You want this resolved fast, but you aren’t sure how to find a waterproofing company that’s qualified to help you.

If this sounds like you, read this guide on what to look for when researching the best experts in the waterproof business.


You want to make sure the waterproofing company you choose offers quality work. That’s why it’s important to research the company’s reviews on every site they promote on as well as local home improvement blogs.

You can filter to show all the good reviews versus any bad reviews(if they have any) to weigh the pros and cons of working with them.

Take note of the customers labeled as verified purchasers; they’ll be able to give an honest account of their experience with who they worked with, the quality of the work, and how fast the project took to complete.

Services Offered

Waterproofing can be as simple as sealing the basement. But what if you have other problems like mold and water damage? If you don’t choose the right waterproofing company, you might be left with a half-finished basement.

Before getting started, you’ll want to research a company’s services, so projects are not left incomplete.

A professional waterproofing company can fix problems like basement leaks,  and foundation leaks. They are knowledgeable enough to know what water damage can do to your home structure and offer solutions, even if that means outsourcing plumbing resources for things such as a slab leak repair.

It’s recommended to ask upfront what services they offer so you’ll know the scope of work they’ll cover.


The cost of waterproofing can vary on several factors. One factor is the budget/amount you have set aside to get the project done.

Whether you are waterproofing before or after a leak occurs, comparing local prices can help you pick a range that you can accommodate and prevent companies from trying to overcharge you. A good company will give you all the estimates beforehand and won’t surprise you with hidden fees.

Keep in mind that the more issues the basements have, the higher the amount may be.


When finding waterproofing experts, you want a company with a solid presence in the communities they serve. You don’t want a company that can easily pick up and go, especially when signing up for warranties that guarantee a length of time they cover your basement.

You can look up a company’s track record by researching their ratings using the Better Business Bureau sites.

Lastly, you can make sure they’re reputable by verifying that they have all of their licenses and certifications before you make a final decision.

Find the Right Waterproofing Company

Choosing a good waterproofing company may seem like a difficult task, but with thorough research, you can find the right experts to get the job done.

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