How Much Does Fence Installation Actually Cost?


So you’re looking at getting a fence installation and want to know the costs. Well, there’s no set price for installing a fence as there are many factors that make the costs vary.

In this guide, we can give you some rough estimates on different prices. It will all depend on the types of materials you wish to use, the style of the fence, and how much material you need. In general, you could be looking at a price range of between $1,500 to $4,000 or more to add some curb appeal or much-needed privacy.

Now let’s run through the various costs associated with fence installation. We’ll also provide you with some handy tips where you could save a few dollars in the process.

Cost Factors for Home Fencing

Labor and materials will account for around half of the entire cost of installing a fence. Then, of course, the area size that needs fencing has an impact on the pricing.

It may cost extra to drill fence post holes if the land you are enclosing is not clear of debris or has many roots or rocks in your soil. In most cases, you’ll need a construction permit or approval from your homeowners’ association, too.

Professional fence contractors will estimate the cost of your installation depending on the number of linear feet of fencing you need in your yard. As a result, the fence size has a huge impact on its cost.

Various materials, sizes, and fence styles have pricing options. For example, you could opt for a privacy fence, a picket fence, a split-rail fence, or a decorative fence.

Privacy fences will need more height to create the privacy you desire, meaning more material and a higher cost. On the other hand, you won’t need much material to make a picket fence, so expect prices to be relatively low.

A good tip for when you’re searching for “fence installers near me” in a search engine is to compare a few installers. Look at their pricing if it’s up on their site. Or message them for a quote per linear foot for the type of fencing your want.

Fencing Materials

You’ll have a wide range of materials to select from, depending on the type of fencing you require. Wood, aluminum, vinyl, and chain link are the most popular materials for homeowners.

The amount of material type you will require will strongly influence your project’s total cost. Continue reading to learn more about your alternatives and how much they will cost you.

Wood Fences

Wood is indeed a popular fencing material because you can fashion it in a variety of ways. Popular forms of wood fences include picket, privacy, and lattice, due to their versatility.

One good tip is to use wood that’s pressure-treated. Or you can apply a preservative to the wood to increase the life of your project.

Wood is adaptable, and you can stain or paint it with any color. Also, since it is rot-resistant, cedar is a robust choice of timber. It weathers well, allowing it to last a long time too.

Wood is one of the less expensive materials to choose for your fence, but it requires more care. We recommend that you retreat your wood fence every four years for longevity.

A rough estimate of the average wood fence cost per linear foot is about $15 for the materials and $15 for the labor.

Chain Link Fences

While this type of fence isn’t the most attractive, it does provide several advantages. A chain-link fence is solid, and long-lasting, as well as cost-effective. Installation is easy, and maintenance, if necessary, is straightforward.

Various mesh sizes and colors are possible, enabling you to branch away from the standard silver fence design. Chain-link fences have the advantage of being almost invisible when erected among bushes or in forested regions, providing you with the protection you require while remaining concealed.

For labor and material costs combined, you’re looking at over $20 per linear foot for this style of fencing.

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences require minor care, such as a good scrubbing now and again. Although aluminum fences lack strength and privacy, they are attractive and provide aesthetic appeal to your home.

These fences come in a variety of shapes and styles. So, you can tailor them to match your property. One of the biggest draws for choosing aluminum is that it may well last you a lifetime!

As a ballpark figure, we estimate the cost of the materials and labor will be $50 per linear foot for aluminum fencing. This number can rise depending on style preferences.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are available in the same designs as wooden fences. Although the upfront cost is more than wood, it becomes less expensive over time. It benefits from not wearing out, warping, splintering, rotting, or splitting like wood. So, it requires no upkeep.

One downside is the plastic look may not appeal to everybody. As well, while the material is strong, it can break when struck hard enough.

Cost-wise, you’re looking at around $30 to 40 dollars per linear foot for the materials and labor involved for these types of fences.

Fence Installation Costs Explained

You should now have a pretty good idea about fence installation costs. Keep in mind, we have provided estimates in this post, and prices may vary from region to region.

So thanks for stopping by! And please, check out our blog for other helpful tips and advice.